Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Above the Pack

As you may or may not know, my 10yo is a die-hard Packers fan.

It began when he was 4 years old. Brett Favre was #4. For the Pack.

And my 10yo somehow, at some point, noticed the large “G” on the Packers helmets. And being as how his name begins with this very letter, he somehow, in his mind, decided that it was all for him.

Divine intervention, perhaps. But probably not. I call it “chance”.

Regardless, following our visit to his Mecca, aka Lambeau Field, (I’m certain you saw the pictures in the post from the other day, but here are some more…taken by my expert photographer father, so they are clearly better quality), my 10yo and I had the following conversation; at the time, he was wearing the same jersey shown in the picture…the one with stitched-on numbers and letters. And yes, I did buy it big so he could wear it for a good, long time.

Heading into the tunnel...the VERY tunnel the Pack use on game days...ooooohhh, aaaaahhhh.
10yo: I'm going to save this jersey to give to my children ...if I ever have children. (Note: He’s not saying this in a sad sort of way…just making a realistic comment.)

Me: If you find a girl who's willing to marry you? (Note: I'm nothing if not supportive. And let’s be honest, folks…he’s a sweet boy but it’s going to take a special kind of girl who can see through the goof-ball. I figure she’ll either be off-the-wall-crazy, or be a saint; I’m clearly hoping for the saint.)

10yo: Yeah so long as she's not a Bears fan... (Note: this would be the worst sin she could commit, as far as my 10yo is concerned)

Me: Well I wasn't a Steelers fan when I met your Daddy (Note: Mr. Always Random is a HUGE Steelers fan…back from the 1970s…the Steel Curtain era…and when there was no team in Indy)...in fact, when I met Mr. Always Random, I wasn't really a football fan at all. I still don't L.O.V.E. it but it is entertaining to watch. When it's not my child potentially getting clobbered. Other people's kids don’t bother me quite so much...well actually adults playing doesn’t bother me. Kids playing kind of bothers me...but I realize that for an adult to play well, he has to play as a child. I'm getting all tangled up so I'll quit right there.)

Then the 10yo continued: "But if that's who God has for me I guess it will be ok. Football doesn't ALWAYS bring people together."

See what I mean? Sweet boy…

Have a fabulous day!

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