Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ten Things of Thankful: End of Vacation

Ten Things of Thankful

OK, I'm barely getting this in...but I am still on vacation, so please withhold judgement. I wrote my post earlier but I had NO IDEA how to link up simply by using my phone. And put in the button. It's too much technology for me to comprehend.'s now 9 here but 10 at home and I am getting a little tired after two weeks of I shall not tarry on this list. Here it is...My Ten Things of Thankful: End of Vacation.

1. The brakes worked well after the deer ran out in front of us when we were on the side of a mountain with the only options being hit the deer, attempt to stop, or go off the mountainside. We definitely got the best end of the deal...and frankly the deer did too, because Bambi got to scurry back home to his mother and we didn't total the car. Win=win.

2. We had two weeks to spend together. How often does this happen? Two FULL weeks of almost every waking minute (and many sleeping minutes for us and the PBA) together. It had it's moments, but overall I think it went well...and I'm thankful, thankful, thankful...because before the trip I just wasn't so sure HOW it would go...

3. That my dad is a master planner and was able to get us to Jackson, WY; Yellowstone National Park; Cody, WY; Devil's Tower, WY; Black Hills in SD (including Custer State Park and Mount Rushmore); Wall Drug; Badlands; The Corn Palace in SD; Minnesota (as a stopover); and Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI...all in just two weeks. 

4. My bed that is waiting at home for me. Not complaining about the beds I've had to sleep in these past two weeks...I am also thankful for them. I'm just having a "there's no place like home" moment. 

5. That the free books I downloaded onto my Kindle were not terrible. And in fact I read them in the order of worst (which wasn't that awful) to best (which wasn't terrific but pretty good)... and that was just by the grace of God...I knew nothing about any of them ahead of time. Always thankful to end on a high note.

6. That gas prices have gone down over the course of the trip...of course the price spiked literally the day before we departed. I don't have much else to say about's pretty self-explanatory.

7. That Jackie hasn't killed Indy far as we know. We'll find out for sure tomorrow.
Yes, same photo as last week...give me a break! I'm on vacation here!

8. For the culmination of the trip we got to take our 10yo to his Mecca ...Lambeau Field (in Green Bay, Wisconsin ...where the Packers play; and trust's doubtful I would know where it was, or what it was if he and Mr. Always Random weren't so into football.) This kid was on overload...especially on the sidelines of the field, and in the giftshop, and in the restaurant...pretty much everywhere.  

Why yes, that is a foot-long hot dog, stuffed into a brat, and wrapped with bacon. He managed to eat half.

9. That were going to (and notice that I did not say planning to...there's not much I have insisted on for this trip...but this is one of them)...we ARE going to eat at Portillo's (feel free to check it out, read the menu, and be envious...especially you PA!) in Chicago (ok...Merrillville, Indiana need to battle Chicago traffic when you're just passing through for Portillo's; and yes, I love Chicago, but I don't think any of us, except maybe for Mr. Always Random, would be up for a day in Chicago after our whirlwind trip...another time, perhaps.). I am planning on a large Chocolate Cake Shake for my lunch, thank you very much. And don't judge.

10. That after two weeks together in and out of the car. And hotels. And various visitor centers. And restaurants. and National Parks and Monuments. And restaurants. After all that, we are all still on speaking terms.

Have a fabulous day!


  1. Wow! You've packed so much in - that's awesome. Well done your Dad!

    I'm glad that you didn't hit the baby deer, and I do hope your dog's ok (probably just missing you - I should imagine he'll either be all over you for a day or so, or sulk and give you the cold shoulder for leaving him in the first place)

    I love how you're making sure you give your children such awesome memories by taking them to places which are so important to them. THAT'S what it's all about :D

    Enjoy your own sweet bed when you get back to it. I feel ya there! Thanks for linking up with us (and well done for managing to do so whilst on vacation).

  2. Chocolate.Cake.Shake. There has been one of these in the world and you didn't tell me before this??? The marriage of my two favorite things in the world, and I didn't know about it. Oh my. I guess the kids and I will be taking a little summer trip to Chicago.
    Glad you're almost home!

  3. Nice planning... though I have not taken a proper vacation since I can remember, the idea of covering ground, seeing a good variety of places (as opposed to go to and staying in one spot) is the way to go! It sounds like work in a sense, but so many different and varied places...very cool.
    Watching children get to places that are significant to them...that has got to be the best. It's one thing to see a sight or visit a famous place, but to get to go a place that has a connection! nice

    excellent doggie, btw

  4. No judging here; I'm impressed you managed to post (let alone put in photos) while on vacation. Reusing a cute picture is certainly allowed!

  5. My husband always says if a deer runs in front of the car to hit the deer. More accidents are caused by avoiding it than hitting it. I hope I never find out.

    And here's to taking a two week vacation with family and not killing anyone (or yourself)! And to sleeping in your own bed!