Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Cannibalistic Tendencies

Because I clearly don’t have enough to do, I am pleased to report that my Christmas cards for 2013 are finished.

All 127 of them.

For my 127 closest family and friends.

Seems like an odd number to stop with, and believe me it has bothered me all week. So much so that I have pondered dragging the card-making supplies back out just to make 3 more, so it comes out even.

But enough about my OCD tendencies.

Actually, I don’t know if I have 127 (or 130, for that matter) to whom I might offer-up a Christmas card.

In fact, I’m pretty certain that I don’t.

So it’s fortunate that they can keep to the following year if need be.

I like to be ready for whatever life brings me. If I ever need a last-minute cake or a Christmas card…I’ll be ready.

Anything else…maybe not. Definitely not.

Case in point: this week. I will spare you all the gory details (though you did get SOME of them if you read “Solid, Liquid or Gas?”) but apparently God had me confused with someone who does flexibility well.

But I will survive. Yup…here you go because I know you were singing it in your head (or maybe aloud)…either way there’s no reason you should sing without accompaniment.  The words are even included, lest you don’t know them by heart.

So…it’s not like it’s anything major going on…just lots of little stuff. I’m sure you know what I mean.

And I’m sure there’s something God is trying to teach me…like being flexible? Not being frustrated about little things? That He’s in control and not me? Probably something along those lines.

But I’m not worrying about that now. I’m working on my Christmas cards.

Well, I was. Now I’m finished.

But I digress…

One other thing I would like to say about these cards…I should probably explain the cannibal part of the title. Well, that kind of IS the title. So let me explain.

I actually have a confession here so please sit down if you are not already:

I am a cannibal.

I cannibalize other cards to make new ones.

I had to take two pictures because I couldn't get them all in one picture...mostly because I am too short. Don't judge.

I feel compelled to say this because I am CERTAIN you will all be studying the photos ceaselessly until you’ve looked at each and every card, undoubtedly laying dibs on the one you hope will be in your mailbox come Christmas; please be sure to tell me which ones you want so I can go ahead an address them for you. I refuse to write the letter yet…it is still a touch early for that.

My cannibalistic tendencies are not specific to Christmas cards, but this holiday does provide me with the largest number of options from which to choose…birthday cards being the close second.

All this to say: please don’t be offended or taken aback if you have given me a Christmas card at some point and you see part of it on display here.

I wouldn’t have used it if I didn’t love it.

And if you don’t see parts of a card you gave me within a card on the table, it probably means I already used it up, or am saving it to use at another time.

In case you don’t know, I don’t let much go to waste.

Every card on this table has one of two characteristics: it either contains something cannibalized from another card, or contains something I previously purchased and/or stamped long ago.

Sometimes I get out stamps, paper and the ink pads and I just stamp a bunch of random (shocking, right?) stuff. Not with any project in mind…but just to stamp. Weird, huh? Hey, don’t judge.

I almost always use it later.

Like lately for these cards.

I bought nothing new for this endeavor.

Mostly I wanted to see if I could do it.

And I did.

Not trying to brag…just statin’ facts, here.

To wrap things up, I have a joke, in the spirit of cannibalism. Yes, I am really horrible at wrapping up posts, so I decided to stick with the cannibal theme: When the cannibal showed up late to the dinner Party, what did the host give him? The cold shoulder.

Have a fabulous day!

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  1. IF you are the lucky recipient to get our card you cannot use it up it is always a family picture. Well, I guess you could actually use it up, but your friends would wonder who you were kissing and what strange thing happened to change your family so drastically...
    I sent out our christmas cards already... (okay I sent out 2012 cards in January 2013...) and I have an extra do you want it? Give it a try to repurpose it?