Monday, August 18, 2014

Thankful for SOMETHING

I have found some reason for thankfulness today...I was thankful for my salad at lunch.

And for the Ella's Frozen Yogurt which I shall be enjoying as an after-dinner treat this evening.

But I am also crazy-thankful for funny Youtube videos...notice I said "funny" ones.  Because there are many out there which are definitely NOT funny.

And I love it when I stumble upon my favorite comedian in clips on Youtube.

Now this seems as though I am switching gears completely but stick with relates to the video. Try to ignore your whiplash.

Just to be clear...kale is NOT on my list for "7" because I think it is disgusting. I have tried in several different ways and still do not find it edible.

Yes, even kale chips...gross with a capital "G".

I'm a little gaggy now as I ponder them.

But my friend MM, on the other hand...she loves the stuff.

And apparently puts it in everything.

So to her, I dedicate this video...enjoy, MM!

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  1. Oh how I enjoy Jim. Did you know he had a show at the state fair this year? I didn't know until it was too late to buy tickets. Majorly bummed.

    1. I did know that but we missed it too...I think it was just last night in fact. Bummer...

  2. Love, love, love kale...and would be eating much more of it if the bugs didn't keep getting to it first in the garden! And the boys are always asking me to make more kale chips!

  3. We love Jim Gaffigan at our house!