Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Grasping at Straws for a Blog Post

So I really really really wanted to write something for you lovely people today.

And also NOT write about "7"...because I promised that it wouldn't take over the blog but it kind of has.

Sorry about that.

It's kind of taken over a lot...and we are only in Month 1...so yeah.

And I also did not want to write about the buckets of tears which have (and will continue to be) shed over the trees behind us being cut down...being cut down as I type. Not just me...all of us.

Well, I can't speak for Mr. AR, but frankly it would not surprise me is he "got something in his eye" when we texted him the news.

And texted the pictures...which I am too sad to show you, and would not mean as much without a reference (which I cannot find the photos at the moment of what the woods used to look like, so that may have to wait a bit).

In fact, the TV is blaring just to be heard over the constant drone of the machinery.

The PBA have been somewhat distracted today, I must admit.

But I am not writing about that either.

I am, instead, going to tout my progress in motherhood...are you ready?

Here is goes:

You know that you are becoming relaxed in your mothering when you leave your kids to make lunch (and use the stove, no less) and go hop in the shower.

Not only that, as you are STILL IN THE SHOWER, you smell smoke. (Clearly something is burning.)


In fact, you calmly finish your shower, get dressed and dry your hair before checking on things.

Mostly you are thinking, "I wonder what he burned?" (And you know exactly who the culprit is because you know one child already had his lunch fixed...it was most-assuredly the other one. And you are not really all that surprised.) 

You saunter into the kitchen (after stumbling through the living room which was hazy with smoke) and ask, "Hmmm what's that smell?" (No yelling AND being able to joke are extremely indicative of how far you, as the parent, has progressed.)

Immediately you notice that: 

a) the child who burned his lunch is EATING the burnt lunch (because we don't waste food in this household...and actually, you would have let him NOT eat it b/c it was charred beyond recognition. But since he had chosen to eat it...you let him. We learn lessons the hard way in this family.)
b) the stove is turned off
c) the fan above the stove is on...and on "High"
d) the kitchen windows are open (as the other child explains, "I opened those to let all the smoke out!")

So I guess, more than anything, this is a short little ditty about how far ALL three of us have come.

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  1. A box fan on the counter blows out the stink fast too!
    BTW what was the child trying to make?

    1. Yes a box fan works wonders...but we don't have one. Maybe we should make an investment!

      And he was making a quesadilla...which he has done before but apparently got distracted this time...

  2. Good for you! You've come a long way.
    I have to admit, my first thought when I got to the end was, "Did he learn the 'get rid of the burn smell' tactics from you and a dinner fail"? :)

  3. That's impressive. Kidzilla is now six and I don't even attempt to shower if another adult is not home to make sure she doesn't do something terrifying. Maybe one day...

    1. If it makes you feel better, I even surprised myself by doing that, so there's hope for you too, Lisa! :)

  4. I too am traumatized about the trees. Send me a pic so I can share your sorrow.

  5. I'm sad for you about the trees.

    I've had those types of parenting moments too, where I even find myself thinking, "Why am I being so calm right now?"