Saturday, June 14, 2014

Why Mr. AR Is the Best

Well, I don’t mean to brag (because you know me...I hate to brag), but pretty much I have the best husband ever.

Most certainly you are asking why…and surely, my devoted readers, you deserve more than a simplified answer.

But because I am short on time (ok not really, I have the whole morning to myself…which actually cuts my writing time down b/c there are other projects which certainly await me. I know that now you are wondering what they might be.)

I don’t know…stuff.  Walking the dog, making coffee cake for father’s day/my soon-to-be-13yo’s birthday breakfast tomorrow, bill paying, showering.

Important stuff. “Super cool stuff you wouldn’t understand.”

Makes me think of this.

For the record, I am not wearing my pajamas at the time of this writing. As far as you know.

But…this is about Mr. AR (widely-known as Mr. Always Random, but known by his close friends and family simply as Mr. AR) and why he’s the best.

Yes, I could go on for hours, expounding on his many veritable attributes, but ain’t nobody got time for that.

I want to simply tell you why he’s the best today.

Because when he is at work and he sees some dirt-caked old bottled lying on the side of the road, he thinks of yours truly.

I know all you ladies out there are swooning at the thought, right?

No, I know you want to know why on God’s green earth would he bring you dirty old bottles?

Well, I shall tell you…because that was the whole point of this post.

He thinks of me because in addition to my somewhat quirky collection of Salt & Pepper Shakers, I also collect old bottles.

Until yesterday this was one of my favorites (ok, still in the top few, but it has been usurped):

Here’s a link to find out more info about it...because who wouldn't want to know more about it? Need I remind you that I am a full-service blogger?

But I won't delay; the moment you have all been waiting for (lo these past 3 minutes): here’s what he brought me last night:

So now I have a new favorite bottle (but shhh…don’t tell the others). And a cute little what appears to be an ink-well, but I don't know for sure b/c it's not marked.

The bottle we believe to be 80-90 years old. Listed on Ebay ranging anywhere from $10-$30 (not that I'd sell it, of course...just wanting to know what we have).

And now you can too.

You're welcome.

So yeah…that Mr. AR, he’s cool like that.

And there's no need to fight; he’s all mine, ladies…all.mine.

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