Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful: Leaving the Almost-13yo at Church Camp

OK..I have to be quick b/c well, I am uber late to the Ten Things of Thankful party.

I haven't been in weeks...maybe you have missed me and maybe you have not. Either way...I have missed you. Just taking a break and all that.

But today, after dropping off my almost-13yo at church camp for the week, I realized that the whole day made me pause and be thankful for so many things.

Waiting for his friend to arrive...isn't he so handsome? I might be biased, but probably not...
And like I said, because I am short on time, I shall (try to be) succinct.

Wish me luck.

I am thankful that: 
  1. My older child will be 13 on Tuesday (yes, we are missing the chance to celebrate him on his actual birthday...but we celebrated before he went, lest you be concerned), and the testosterone is strong in that one. All this to say: we are a little thankful to have a break from that this week.
  2. I didn’t get lost on the way there or the way back…which is kind of a big deal b/c I am directionally-challenged. And my ability to navigate it was without the assistance of Mr. AR…he usually asks me before I drive somewhere unfamiliar (or maybe even a familiar place…don’t judge) if I know where I’m going. And then he makes sure the route I am planning is the most expeditious. His brain is kind of full lately…but I’m choosing to believe he just had confidence in me.
  3. It was daylight both directions.
  4. And no deer jumped out in front of me and killed me and/or my child.
  5. And the weather was absolutely PERFECT...but will be hot this week, so I am thankful that the boys have air-conditioning in their cabins. Not that I ever had A/C in my cabin at church camp...I think that's a little soft. But I don't blame them...I'd take air if I had it too. And at no extra charge...bonus.
  6. And that when we arrived and we were waiting for my son’s friend to arrive, we saw a boy we know from home who attends our church. My son doesn’t know him well, but I think he will by the end of the week, as they were assigned to the same group. Fingers-crossed it’s the beginning of a friendship and not the opposite, b/c one never knows about these things and could always go the other way.
  7. I could listen to my own music selection all the way there…I had hoped to chat with my son, but he had his phone and was listening to iTunes on his headphones. *sigh*…so I’m choosing to be positive…I listened to the music stylings of the 1980’s and he complained nary a bit (only b/c he could not hear it).
  8. I had to take him by myself…I was not thankful for that. At the same time as the scheduled camp drop-off, there was (in the opposite direction from our house…of course) a party to celebrate my husband’s aunt and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary, and my husband’s cousin and his wife’s 25th anniversary…and my husband took his mother b/c she can no longer drive (see, I told you he’s nice….yeah, my husband! He brings me trash and takes his mother places she wants to go...what a guy.) But while I was at the camp, my husband texted some pictures to me…of my 11yo son with a snake around his neck. Apparently they had a group come in like “Silly Safaris” to entertain the troops with various animals. Because what else says "long happy marriage" other than "snakes around the necks of the guests"?  Regardless, I am thankful that I missed that part. “Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?!?” (reference anyone?)
  9. The almost 13yo realized as we arrived at camp that he had neglected to bring his hair products…not shampoo. Supposedly he brought shampoo (I didn't check...some lessons are learned the hard way, boys and girls)…I am referring to STYLING products.  Whatever, Dude. I’m not sure why thtis is in this list; I am not at all excited about it b/c it means he is growing up and (dare I say it? Noticing girls?!?) …but when I told him that he needed to exercise self-control if, while at camp this week, he met the girl of his dreams. He responded with, “Mom, that’s just gross.” So I’m still not sure where we are on that whole thing. But I did not make sure he had hair products, so if the girls of his dreams is there, she’ll have to fall in love with a boy with stick-straight hair.
  10. I can email the boy. And the camp will print it out and give it to him at mail call. Wahoo…I can email every day…multiple times a day even. And it won’t cost me a dime. Best part...double Wahoo! He will be thrilled too, I’m fairly sure.

Bonus: I didn’t cry…yet. The evening’s not over yet. I had feared the worst…like sobbing in the car most of the way home. Turns out the idea of leaving him was worse than the leaving. But I might cry when I go to bed b/c frankly this mama doesn’t do so great when all her chicks aren’t in the nest. I’m working on it…if I weren’t, he would not have gone to camp.


  1. SO nice to see you back... I just read the Mr. AR brings me old bottles post and lost my comment which I am doing a lot of this evening...(its my special talent!) I have an old Lydia Pinkham bottle... its my current fav. although its also one of maybe three! ANyway! Snake ref. is Indian Jones... first one! Hanging over the edge of that tomb! WOW I am so not a movie girl ... anyhow... WHen I saw the title of this I totally expected it to be a "We-forgot-to-pick-up-the-kid-and-Im-gonna-kill-my-husband-post" ... glad you arent revisting that again!

    1. Yeah...thanks for reading Zoe! I have SO missed the hop but I just got to where it felt like "one more thing to do" and I know that's not how it should be. Glad I can still jump in when I have the time and am inspired. :)

      And far we have not forgotten the boy. But the week is still young...I'll keep you posted. :)

  2. I could not even look at that picture of your son with a snake on him.
    Air conditioning? Really? That IS soft. I went a couple years as a counselor with our youth and sweltered. I also fell down outside, all by myself, in the middle of the night, heading to the bathroom, but that's a story for another day.
    I like all my chicks to be in the nest at night, too. It was really hard to get used to my son being away at college at bedtime. And hard to get used to him being home again. Then I'll have to do it again in August.

    1. I know...the snake pictures make me cringe...I had to select them quickly and look away to even post them.

      I hair product at camp. I would have told him "no" had he remembered to ask before we left the house. It was fortunate for him that he did not remember, b/c there may have been an outright struggle..and he is stronger than me. I lift weights but he's stronger than me...

      And the A/C...don't even get me started...spending the night lying on your bunk, sweating to death and listening to all the insects and God only knows what else outside your cabin...that was half the fun of camp. Well, maybe not HALF the fun...but you understand. I am looking forward to your story about falling down outside in the middle of the night...please make it be soon. :)

      Yeah I don't know how you do it...I think I'm going to need valium or something when they go to college. No joke.

  3. Can I just tell you what an amazing family you have. Your oldest son helped with a visitor at church today who was quite nervous. He sat with him, introduced him to other kids.
    Your youngest is a hoot, and makes me smile!
    They both listen well, and are a joy to me!

    1. Well, I'm not sure "amazing" is the word you really mean but thank you for the kind words. The oldest can be very sweet and compassionate; the youngest, well...he's something all right ;) And very much lacking in filter sometimes, so don't be afraid to correc that kind of thing. We give you FULL permission on that!

  4. How in the world did we both end up with snake photos in our TToT posts this week?!

    Indiana Jones, by the way, but I see that Zoe answered frist.

    1. Snakes..yuck, And I don't know how that is possible!!!

      I'll still give you bragging rights on a correct answer :)

  5. Indiana Jones all the way!
    I'm sure the 13 year old will have a great time and he'll be home before you know it. With some nice and ripe clothing so you'll know he's back. :)

    1. Yes I know he'll be back with many stories to tell and the funkiest clothes I have ever smelled. The time will go much faster for him than me, for sure!

  6. my son turned 13 in the end of May; just recently he announced that he was going to take more showers; once a day twice a day I'm not sure....all I thinking and said it was Thank God...then when he left the room I also wondered is it because of girls... LOL hmmm!
    glad to see you on TTOT enjoy the testosterone-free week. :)

    1. Yeah I don' tknow if it's a specific girl or just "girls"...frankly I don't know which I would prefer it be! :)

  7. Whaddya mean snakes, YUCK?! Lovely snakes. Nice pictures, and your son seems like such a nice, kind boy. I hope that he makes friends with the other kid, and for your sake that he doesn't meet the girl of his dreams this week.

    I hope you make it through!


    1. Yes, I will make it through...I have planned many things for myself this week to keep me busy and not thinking of it. :)

      Thanks...I am glad to be here :)

  8. First, welcome back! I'm not always a commenter, but I do enjoy reading your posts! Not the ones with snakes, though - yikes!
    I'm with Dyanne - styling products at church camp? Seems wrong. Of course, my idea of "camp" is something like Camp Marriott or whatever. Not exactly a nature girl. I like it...from a safe distance and without bugs.
    Hope you both have a wonderful week - and yay for e-mails to camp! Kind of makes you wonder how kids and moms survived back in the dark ages when all we had was snail mail!

    1. I don't judge you not being a nature girl...we are all different so no worries. I hate snakes and some people don't seem to mind them...I cannot understand that in the slightest!

      Yes, I don't understand how anyone survived the dark ages of mom and I were talking about that just yesterday.

      Thanks for stopping by! :)