Friday, June 13, 2014

Foodie Friday: I Feel Like a Big Mouse

I like cheese. 

“I’ve been eating a lot of cheese lately…you think that’s an allergy or something? …I feel like a big mouse.” (I totally stole that from “Uncle Buck.” What’s that you say? You aren’t familiar with that movie? Well, it is one of my all-time favorites. Love me some John Candy. If you have never seen it, or if it has been a year or longer since your last viewing, you should prioritize a movie night. But to tide you over, here’s the scene with the line about cheese…we quote it often in our house. You are welcome.)

Anyway…I have been eating a lot of cheese lately. My parents took a little trip up to Wisconsin, and in case you were unaware, they are famous for their cheese. (The people of Wisconsin, that is...not my parents. That was a misplaced modifier. I apologize.)

And the Packers. Wisconsin is also famous for the Pack (that's what you can call the Packers if you are as familiar with them as someone in this household is...) The 11yo wanted me to make sure that you knew about that.

As an aside (because I know you ADORE my asides…they are what make me, me) my parents went to Lambeau Field on this visit…mostly just to go to the gift shop. When they arrived, they were immediately thankful that we (specifically the 11yo, but all of us really) had visited the stadium LAST June instead of this one. It was all under construction. The front entrance, the museum, the restaurant where we ate (and where the 11yo had his Packer Pride hotdog…a hotdog inside a brat wrapped in bacon; aka a heart attack waiting to happen).

Here’s a picture in case you don’t recall.

Last year he was disappointed when he couldn’t go in the Packers locker room…imagine the weeping and gnashing of teeth which would have ensued if he didn’t get to see much of anything had we gone this year instead!

However, when I told him that things were under construction at Lambeau this year, the first thing he asked was, “Was the gift shop open?!?”

He had given his grandparents specific instructions on a particular item he wanted them to buy for him, should they make it to Mecca.

Not to worry…the gift shop was open. And they bought the mousepad.

(Really, dude…all that stuff and you want them to get a mousepad? Ok…)

And I think they did some of his Christmas shopping too…according to my dad, they are just about finished with him for Christmas.

But I have digressed.

I was talking about the cheese. My parents brought to us some cheese. I’m not entirely sure where they bought said cheese.

Last year, we stopped at a “Cheese Outlet” for all our Wisconsin cheese needs.

Don’t judge…it was cheap(er) and still quite delicious.

Anyway…this time, they bought an assortment and split it all with us. Included in the haul was a lovely sharp cheddar, a divine colby-jack, and a beautiful (but slightly salty) white cheese with cherries.

Oh...and some cheese curds. I don't really know what cheese curds ARE but I prefer to be in the dark...I have a feeling I might not care to know.

Ignorance is bliss and all that...

If loving cheese curds is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Anyway...there was one additional cheese purchase which was rather intriguing: chocolate cheese fudge.

Yeah...a little bit of vomit came up in your throat, didn't it?

Well, I delayed a couple days opening it because I just could not fathom how that would work ensemble (read that word with a French accent...makes more sense. Trust me.).

I like chocolate.

I like cheese.

I like chocolate cheese fudge?

Yeah…my brain could not twist that far.

But the PBA were told (by my parents…thanks, Mom and Dad!) about the chocolate cheese fudge and they were asking/begging/demanding that we try it.

Please ignore the fact that my little cutting board is very stained from many years of use…I promise you that it was sterile.

So…I finally got it out of the wrapper. It was very moist and had the texture of a very soft fudge.

It looked like a rich chocolate fudge. With walnuts…those are walnuts. Not flecks of non-chocolate cheese, as I had supposed. Maybe you supposed it too? I wouldn’t blame you if you did.

Rest assured: walnuts...which almost turned me off right there. As with fruit, I like nuts just fine on their own, but I am not a big fan of them being mixed in my food (no need for inappropriate jokes...let's be mature here, people; keeping things high-brow. Always.).

Also note my fingerprint in the chocolate cheese fudge. 


So…this was my share of the chunk o’ chocolate cheese fudge. The four of us each got our own piece of it, approximately the same size as the one shown (Note: this cutting board measures about 4" x 6" so it's not a huge piece of "cheese" we're talking about here.) 

And in the spirit of Fruit (or Veggie) of the Week, we all smelled it and tasted it together. No faces were allowed to be made until everyone had been given ample time to assess said sample.

Upon the first whiff, I immediately thought “dog food”.

My brain could not compute this: “Surely it can’t really smell like dog food…”

And then I smelled it again,“Yup…dog food.”

And yet…I decided to try a bite…because even though it SMELLS like dog food, it can’t possibly TASTE like dog food, right?

I tasted it…and it had the texture of cheese. Finally something positive to say about the chocolate cheese fudge!

But then I quickly assessed the flavor; it was kind of, well, vile. I don’t even know what to say about it other than that…

Mr. Always Random, and both members of the PBA, however, enjoyed it thoroughly. Mr. AR even ate the rest of mine.

My head is still reeling from the experience: It wasn’t the flavor of chocolate, cheese or dog food (NOTE: not that I have eaten dog food, but I can imagine what it might taste like).

I don’t even know what to add to this post other than: cheese should look, smell and taste like cheese. Anyone else agree?

(I hope this post wasn't too cheesy for you...)


  1. I so love this post!
    a) if I have seen Uncle Buck, it has been YEARS. As in however many years ago the movie came out ago. My eldest son, however has seen it and LOVES it! ...maybe I should view it again.
    b) CHEESE CURDS are da bomb! p.s.and this should have been "b)", but....I forgot my order of thoughts. It happens often to me. But, should it surprise you at all to say that I LOVE cheese as well? Anyhoo.... if you love cheese, you must try cheese curds. Delish!
    c) Yes, yes, I did throw up in my mouth just a bit at the idea of chocolate cheese fudge.
    d) NUTS do NOT need to interfere with brownies, fudge or ice cream. 'nuff said. I concur. Snickers bars, yes, Peanut M&Ms, yes. Salted Nut Roll, yes. But, brownies, fudge & ice cream need to remain without nuts.
    e) I have rule of thumb that I live by: If it smells like dog food, it probably tastes like dog food. Do not attempt to eat. (ok, so I don't really LIVE by it, but... you know...)

    ... um, I think that's all I gotta say for now.
    p.p.s. I miss blogging. *sigh* ;(

    1. Thank you for loving it. :)
      a) Yes you should watch it...either again or for the first time.
      b) Yes...I had them for the first time last year and was all, "Cheese curds...where have you been all my life?!?"
      c) See, I know my readership
      d) OK, yes Snickers bars and peanut m&m's...and the Almond m&m's too...otherwise...there really is no need.
      e) It's quite a code of ethics by which you live...I can see why we are friends. :)

      p.p.s. I miss your blogging too...sniff :(