Monday, June 30, 2014

Plastic Spoon Emergency

Not that we do this often, but I like to partake of the the Happy Hour opportunity at Steak ‘N Shake.

Lest you be unaware (and I’m not really sure how this could be, but I suppose some of you enjoy your lives under rocks), from 2-4 am and 2-4 pm (on week-days only…so don’t be trying this on Saturday or Sunday b/c they will not be amused, nor will they honor the Happy Hour bit…definitely not by experience, mind you), all drinks and shakes at Steak ‘N Shake are half price.

For the record, the PBA and I have never experienced Happy Hour in the am…we are strict pm Happy Hour goers only.

And we are totally utilizing the 11yo as our excuse to partake of the Happy Hour: well, he DID get his braces tightened so I think that deserves a shake…poor baby is in SO much pain that only the soft comfort of a shake can soothe him (as an aside, this kid has a higher pain tolerance than most adults I know…trust me when I say: he’s not in pain).

And while we’re here for him, we might as well get one for ourselves as well…I mean, it would be a crime NOT to.

So…the last time we went to Happy Hour at Steak ‘N Shake, the cashier accidentally gave us an extra plastic spoon. I had my 13yo tuck it away in the glove box.

He had mocked me, openly and without regard or apology.

13yo: When are we EVER going to need a random spoon?

Me: I don’t know…sometimes you just need one.

13yo: Seriously? (Which I need to pause right here and make it known that he totally stole that from me…I ask him and his brother that often…“Seriously?” Seriously, he needs his own catch phrase.)

Me: Yes, you never know when you might have a plastic spoon emergency!

13yo: Insert eyeroll here.

Yesterday, we again partook of the Happy Hour (don’t judge…it had been 3 weeks since the 11yo had an orthodontist appointment, so clearly we were due. I had the Salted Caramel Pretzel shake…it was lovely but could have used some chocolate.)

But I digress.

This time we went through the drive-through…along with everyone else in Greenwood, apparently. And in our rush to move along (I was on my way to get a haircut…I had signed in online and didn’t want to miss my window of opportunity; they run a tight ship at the Great Clips) the Steak ‘N Shake cashier (not to confuse you with a cashier/hair stylist at Great Clips…I am kind of ADD today…don’t judge) neglected to give us any spoons.

Oh the horror.

My 13yo had ordered the Mint Oreo shake, which necessitated a spoon (plastic or otherwise) as those chunks of Oreo are often too large to be sucked up through the straw.

At least they SHOULD be…just my opinion.

As we were pulling out of the parking lot, my 13yo asked me for a spoon.

Me: We didn’t get any.

13yo: Oh, well I’ll just use the one from the glove box.

Me: You mean the one you said we didn’t need to keep?

13yo: Yeah…

Me: You mean the one you made fun of me for keeping?

13yo: Yeah…

Me: So would you say that I was right for keeping it “just in case we have a plastic spoon emergency”?

13yo: Yeah…

Me: Go ahead and say it.

13yo: Say what?

Me: Go ahead and say it.

13yo: (insert random mumbling…) Blah blah blah…right….

Me: I’m sorry…what?

13yo: Insert eyeroll here.

Me: Great…I’ll take that as admission.

Yeah, I’m that kind of mom.


  1. Ooooo, don't you just LOVE "I told you so" moments like that? My mom always kept a few plastic spoons in the glove box, mainly because we would stop for ice cream cones on our way to visit my grandparents when I was a kid. I had trouble eating a cone, so she would fish out a spoon and hand it back to me in the backseat. Ours were red Dairy Queen spoons, back in the day when they had a little plastic ice cream cone molded onto the end of the spoon. Good times!

    1. Yes, I do love those moments. I possibly live for them. Don't judge.

      Yes, the classic DQ spoon...I remember. This was the not-as-classic-but-still-as-useful white one. :)