Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Target Salvation

Because I know you have all been sitting on the edge of your seat, in rapt attention…awaiting the outcome of my shopping adventures…I shall no longer keep you in suspense.

Over the week-end, I returned to the scene of my previous coupon injustice: Target.

And I am certain you know to which event I am referring…the one which informed me that skivvies are not clothing. I’m certain you read that already but just in case not, here is the link.

And this week-end, I took with me (again) the $2 off women’s apparel coupon…prepared to find success this time.

And I am pleased to report that I did. I found this:

For this:

Which only ended up costing me 70 cents, plus tax.

Insert polite golf clap here.

But wait…there’s more. I had also in my possession another coupon, also kicked out at the register on my last trip to Target.

This newer coupon was for $1 off an Up and Up (that’s the Target brand, lest you be unaware) First Aid item. I neglected to get a photo of it before use, so please forgive my lack of foresight.

As an aside, the mere fact that I cannot provide you with a photo even now should be some foreshadowing for you as well.

But I digress.

Because I enjoy a good scavenger hunt, I headed to the First Aid supply aisle at Target. I was excited to find rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide for 99 cents a bottle. However, I knew that the coupon would not work…it has to be an item costing $1 or more. And the cashier cannot adjust the price to make it $1 so the coupon can be justified.

Look at me knowing all these ins and outs of the couponing racket. I mean “system”.

So the next cheapest thing (which goes without saying and yet I am saying it anyway) was a box of band-aids for $1.77. I hate it when I have to spend any money, but I knew we would eventually use the band-aids (technically not “band-aids” but as with all facial tissue, I call them “Kleenex”….I am certain you understand) and it was only going to cost 77 cents, plus tax.

And I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that this would qualify as a “First Aid item” and there would be no issue at the register.

There was a stinkin’ picture of a band-aid ON the coupon, for the love of God, so CLEARLY it would be fine, right?

So I headed to the register with my big purchase. Oh yes, in case you were wondering; I had a box of band-aids and a tank top…the total cost (after coupons) being $1.47 plus tax.

The cashier scanned the items and then started with the coupons.

Women’s apparel one first: check.

I am glad because seriously I wasn’t sure what I was going to do if they denied that a tank top was “apparel”.

Then the first aid item coupon: “item not found”.

Seriously, Target? There’s a photo of the item ON the coupon and you’re telling me that it is NOT a first aid item.

I submit for your review, said item:

Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to get loud or anything. 

I didn’t even have to say a word, actually.

The teenage boy cashier looked at the coupon, looked at what I bought, hit a button to “accept coupon” and I paid for my purchase.

Thank you, Lord, for some common sense.


  1. He probably thinks underwear is apparel, too. Hurray for coupon-friendly cashiers!

    1. Yes, I totally credit his mother :) Not the person who trained him at Target.

  2. I love a good bargain story....in my mind they is no way one should pay full price..

    savvy Ms. Random ...savvy indeed!


  3. Oh, pity the fool who doesn't use common sense and give Kris her deal! That second cashier doesn't know what calamity he just avoided in his checkout line. :) Honestly, underwear is apparel and should have been taken. But, then you wouldn't have a pretty tank top, so you win in the end. They still have to sell that stupid underwear.

    1. Yes, overall I am happier with the tank top than I would have been with the skivvies...but the bargain shopper in me would have preferred the skivvies, being 27 cents cheaper and all ;)

  4. Cute top, you little bargain hunter, you! I hope you never have to use the antibacterial bandages, but then again, that would be a waste of 77 cents....

    1. Yes, those bandages may never get used until we have a foster kiddo. The boys are "too cool" for them now.