Saturday, May 4, 2013

Not for the Faint of Heart

What you are about to see may shock and horrify you.

As my nature-loving 11yo put it "I hate nature sometimes..."

Recently I discovered yet another nest...yes, sorry, but I feel I must report it.

It's way up there. Not even with our tallest ladder could I see in side.

Not even with our neighbor's tallest ladder.

And this is mostly because I don't like to be on tall ladders.

Roller coasters are fine with me, but not ladders.

Some might call it irrational and they would be right. I am ok with that. is the nest (I apologize for the grainy's a photo taken with my phone and it doesn't zoom in so nicely.)

Yes this nest is sloppy too, but I assure you that's not the atrocity.

This is the atrocity:

No, not the large splatter of bird excrement either.

Poor babies.

At first I thought that she'd somehow missed her nest...ala the nest we moved from the back porch.

But upon further inspection by Mr. Always Random and the 11yo, it was apparent that the embryos were partially formed. You could see actual parts of those little baby birds.

I know "it's nature's way" (channeling Steve Irwin there) but it doesn't make it any less gruesome.

And just to add to the horror in your mind, I was thinking this morning that it will need to be cleaned up. And soon...before the heat really makes them putrid.

However, after my 11yo took the dog out this morning, he informed me that "someone" came along last night and apparently took care of that for us.

Y.U.C.K. Nature cleans up its own messes...but it is still slightly distasteful to me.

On that note...have a fabulous day!

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  1. Wonder why mama bird let the eggs fall? Wonder if she is a new mom who does not know how to feather her nest? poor thing. And eww for natural cleaners.