Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Listicles: Ten Things I Love That Are Free

So...I'm not sure how many have even missed me over at Stasha's, but I have missed doing the lists. It's not for any particular reason that I have declined, other than I have had something of a bird infestation at my house and this previously-random blog apparently now has a theme: For the Birds.

OK, not really, but that was my main source of material.

Even I, in my often-blatent disregard for following the list as described, couldn't figure out a way to fit it into the themes.

However, if you'd like to get caught up on all the fun/madness (potato/potatoh) around here, you can sort by the labels; I have one entitled "Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds" and it will allow you to catch up nicely.

There are too many at this point for me to link up each one.

OK, I actually could but I am lazy.  And tired.

But please give me a's Monday morning. And we're just coming off a week-end of 5 lacrosse games and 3 soccer games. This being between the 2 members of the PBA. (I'm sure you were confused and thought that it was I, myself, who played...I appreciate you thinking that I could. That's so nice of you!)

Oh, and I might add that all those games were in about a 26 hour time period.

And not exactly local.

I'm as tired as if I had played all those games.

That's a lie...I would probably still be in bed because I couldn't move if I played all those games.

Here's a picture (courtesy of my fabulous photographer father) of each boy in action on Saturday (Sunday was rainy and didn't make for good photo opportunities); I'm sure you wanted to see them. No need to be shy...just ask next time.

This is the 11yo..he had 3 soccer games and 2 lacrosse games...he's even claiming to be a little sore today.
This is the 10yo...he had 3 lacrosse games...he's not claiming to be sore. Only slightly bruised.
That being said, my list today may have something to do with the nature out my back (and front) doors.

So without further delay, here's my list of Ten Things I Love That Are Free:

  1. Owls hooting in the middle of the night
  2. Robins building their nests in various and sundry places around my house
  3. Newly-hatched baby cardinals cheeping in the nest on my front porch
  4. Bunnies taunting Indy because they seem to know he's chained up and can't reach them
  5. Squirrels in the bird feeders, covering their heads with their tails to keep off the buckets of rain
  6. Five different kinds of woodpeckers eating suet at the feeders (OK, this one does cost a little bit for the seed, as does #5; please don't sue me)
  7. Chipmunks scampering scross the deck
  8. Hummingbirds (haven't seen them yet this year but should be soon!) flitting from flower to flower in my perennial garden
  9. Deer living in the wooded area behind us (but RARELY make an appearance)
  10. Racoons waddling out of the drain pipe at dusk, following their worn path into the trees
Hope you get to see some wildlife of your own...have a fabulous day! 


  1. I have a special place in my heart for cardinals as they were my Gran's favorite. I think of her whenever I see or hear about cardinals.

  2. So many of these I love --- not the squirrels in my feeder though. Birds truly are the best and free.

  3. It sounds like you live in a fabulous part of the country where you can enjoy nature. Great list!