Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Listicles: Imagined Band Names

Today’s Monday Listicles from Stasha is Ten Real or Imagined Band Names.

And perhaps it’s due to all the time I’ve been spending at the lacrosse and soccer fields, but my inspiration this week only allowed for things I was hearing on the sidelines.

I’ll begin with lacrosse (and there are actually 19 name suggestions, BTW…I couldn’t reign it in to only 10 because the options were too plentiful). And, I’ll have you know that in spite of my best efforts to learn this game, I don’t know what many of these lacrosse terms mean. Not even my ‘Lacrosse for Dummies” has been terribly helpful.

And in fact, I don’t know that some of these are “official” terms… a former lacrosse coach has a son on the same team as my 11yo, so we have the “luxury” of hearing him scream (and yes, I do mean scream) through the e.n.t.i.r.e. game; I suspect that he's just making some things up.

Regardless, someone should really offer a Tootsie Pop to him.

And especially fortunate (I say through clenched teeth) for us on Saturday, he stayed for BOTH games (he usually leaves after the “A” game…but not Saturday)…we were all treated to two solid games-worth of him. Which gave me plenty of fodder for the blog, but also gave me a headache.

But I digress…because without him and his chatter, I wouldn’t have been able to come up with some of these F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. band names.

Without further delay, here is my list of “Lacrosse-Inspired Band Names”:
  1. Set a Pick
  2. Don’t Just Stand There
  3. Fast Break
  4. Guard Your Man
  5. Dump It
  6. Roll the Cage
  7. Better Passes
  8. Drag It Out
  9. Failure to Advance
  10. Set Up the Zone
  11. Watch the Crease
  12. Lift His Stick
  13. Go Lefty
  14. Middie Back
  15. Shoot It Low
  16. Scoop Don’t Shovel
  17. Go to the X
  18. Stretch Your Heels
  19. V Cut
And not to be left out, soccer also has it’s fair share of sport-specific terms. However, a) we do not have a token former coach who stands on the side with the fans and incessantly coaches the boys in a voice louder than the actual coach; and b) I actually have a fairly decent handle on the game so my ears are not trying to pick up a bunch of seemingly-random terms and attempting to discern what they all mean.

And for the record (because I know you are all keeping score at home), I do know what each of these things mean. This is a small smattering what what I heard this Sunday. more thing…all that being said, the “Soccer-Inspired Band Names” is a much shorter list…totaling only nine. Don’t judge.
  1. Mark Up
  2. Man On
  3. White Ball
  4. Red Ball
  5. Far Post
  6. Incidental Play
  7. Nice Touch
  8. Settle It
  9. Down the Line
I must say that if any nameless band seeking a name selects one of my offerings here, I do expect a percentage of all initial, as well as future, profits. I'll gladly accept it in tens and twenties, if you don't mind.

Have a fabulous day!

Note from the Editor: By no means is anything suggestive intended by these names, but apparently they are having that affect on some of you...if I offend in any way, please know that is not my intent. I'm simply the messenger from the sidelines.


  1. So were "Watch the Crease" and "Lift His Stick" yelled back to back? :) Ellen

  2. OMg...I am laughing so hard at some of these names...I'm already in a funny mood and now I am having such bad thoughts...yes, I am very mature, LOL

  3. yes I admit my mind went "right there" too... goodness maybe I am too tried or in an everything is funny mood. Since I have never watched a lacrosse game I have no idea what any of them really mean, but soccer I know those words... because I seriously snickered at some of the words... yes I am that immature.

  4. These are awesome! Who knew??? Maybe I should try some gymnastics ones. "Seat Drop"

  5. This was a GREAT way to do the list! Hilarious, too! My brain didn't "go there" which surprises me. I'm usually so immature. Perhaps it's because I'm in the trenches with you and can picture the people yelling them.
    I am so disappointed, though, that you missed the most often repeated one. The one we've made fun of and would be a perfect name...

  6. I have to say I am digging "Don't Just Stand There." They would be like a neo punk sound.