Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Liar, Liar Socks on Fire!

Getting home late gave the PBA a reprieve from showers.

Well, showers that evening…no worries. They did shower in the morning. We’re getting too old (and too funky) to allow anything otherwise.

As the 10yo was climbing into bed:

Me: Are those the socks you wore today?

10yo: Ummm…no.

Me: Are you sure?

10yo: Yeah, they’re not.

Me: So you put on clean socks for bed?

10yo: Yeah.

Me: And you put the dirty ones in the hamper?

10yo: Yeah.

Me: So if I go look in the dirty clothes hamper, I will see the dirty socks you wore today…right there on top?

10yo: (total Poker face…no hint of concern) Yeah, you should because that’s where I put them.

Me: OK, I’ll be right back because I’m going to go check.

10yo: (panicked face) Oh wait…I didn’t change them tonight. I was thinking about LAST night.

I’m no Nancy Drew, but I am beginning to understand perhaps why we only have 2-3 pairs of socks in his stack of folded laundry when the load of white clothes only get washed once a week…

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