Sunday, May 12, 2013

Unintentional Guest Post from My Three Favorite Mr. Always Randoms

This was the "card" I received today for Mother's Day.

On Facebook.

Instead of the traditional Mother's Day card, we here at the PBA decided to post our thoughts on Facebook about the "Best Mom". Also, if you have ever read her blogs you will know that she likes bargains. So it doesn't get much cheaper than this!

HHI circa Fall 2003
From Mr. Always Random - Although not my mother, I definitely married the best mother. God has blessed her with a wide range of talents and gifts toraise our boys. I know being the mom God wants her to be is one of the things that she constantly has on her sights, and she is always seeking God's guidance in raising this family. It would take several pages to list everything she means to me and the boys, but God knows and knows her heart. We love her and we at the PBA wish her a Very Happy Mother's Day!

From Mr. 10 Yr. Always Random - I have a blessed mom who is always there for me and I will always love her forever. she is kind and loving and caring and so many more things. I love you mom 

From Mr. Almost 12 Yr. Always Random - I have the greatest mom ever! She is there for me when I am down and cheers me up. I love u mom