Thursday, January 17, 2013

Parts is Parts

11yo: Mom, can we get chicken balls?

Me: Ummm…excuse me?

11yo: Can we get chicken balls?

As I stood in the frozen foods section at Meijer, I struggled to compute WHY he would be saying that, while simultaneously trying to discern “Does he really mean something else?”

After several seconds of racking my brain, I couldn’t figure it out…so I opted to ask. Albeit reluctantly.

Me: What are you talking about?

11yo: (pointing to the popcorn chicken in the freezer case) Chicken balls? Can we get chicken balls?

So then I started giggling. I will give him credit, here, where credit is due. The picture on the package did look like “chicken balls”…versus, say, a chicken nugget, tender, or patty. Definitely little balls of chicken.

Me: Ummm…I think you mean “POPCORN chicken” (still giggling).

11yo: Oh, yeah…popcorn chicken.

He was still unaware as to WHY I was giggling.

11yo: Can we get popcorn chicken?

Me: No, we’re getting this instead.

I selected a bag of chicken nuggets…also an unfortunate name, but not quite like “chicken balls”.

Me: Yeah…and let’s make sure not to call them “chicken balls”.

Yes, I even used the air quotes too when I said it; my husband would be so proud. He “loves” the air quotes.

Lightbulb! (You have to say that in your head like Gru in “Despicable Me”...yes, I've seen that movie a few too many times now.) The PBA figured out why I was laughing.

After what amounted to a good minute at least, we composed ourselves and continued on through the store.

9yo: But what about chicken breasts? Can we still say that?

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  1. Ha! Poor chickens, everyone discussing their private parts with such little respect. If our chickens wouldn't have been eaten, they'd be quite offended right about now. :)