Wednesday, January 16, 2013

(Not Quite) Wordless Wednesday

Kitchen Breakfast Nook Before

Kitchen in process

Kitchen in process take 2

Dinner in the living room tonight...sure we could have eaten in the dining room, where we've been eating breakfast, but why do that when there's a TV in the living room?

Dining Room...currently housing some of kitchen furniture... the rest of the kitchen furniture is in the garage. This will all be moved into the kitchen once that floor is finished, in order to do the floors in here.  Notice the ice cream tub on the end of the kitchen hutch...that's where we keep the dog's food...well, some of it...most of it is in a large plastic storage tote in the garage; we keep only small amounts in the house. Usually, that ice cream tub lives in the kitchen hutch but because we positioned the hutch in the dining room the way we did, we can't get the bucket back into the hutch.  Just one more thing renting space in a different place for a while.

Slowly diminishing stack of flooring in my office/guest room

Life lesson: when you say you're ready for new flooring, ensure that you are.

I am.

This kind of chaos would have bothered me a few years ago. 

And while I'm not loving it at the moment, for the most part I can keep a lid on the crazy.