Friday, January 18, 2013

No Hunger Whining Allowed

You may find this post to be a far departure from the norm…especially if yesterday, in which I talked about “chicken balls”, was the first time you’d joined us. So prepare yourself for an about face of sorts.

And just to clarify, I wrote this one evening, but am posting in the morning. It goes with the random theme of the blog. I’ve got to keep you on your toes somehow! Keep up.

This may sound like I’m whining but I’m really not.

OK, maybe a little bit of whining.

I have been known, on occasion, to get slightly fussy when my meals aren’t served at the time to which I am accustomed. (I might be like a toddler in that area. Don’t judge. I know I’m not the only one, but I’m not naming any names.)

I also MAY get crabby whenever my stomach growls and demands food…but there’s none to be had. At least nothing really junky that I want. There’s usually always something healthy lying about. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m a good mommy that way.

Or I am bored and want to eat something sweet.

Or I am trying to watch what I’m eating and the ONLY thing I can think about is food.

I must say that God must truly want me to lose some weight. First the flu and now the new flooring.

Again, let me reiterate that I am NOT complaining…especially about the new flooring. I have wanted this for the past few years and it is overdue. I am thrilled to bits about it.

But it is currently impeding my ability to eat.

And please don’t think that I haven’t thought this through. Sure, the new flooring could easily contribute to weight gain instead of loss.

And if I felt as though we had the funds for buying carry-out dinner all willy-nilly as I WANT to do (I don’t want to cook. Ever. But this isn’t helping. ) it surely would contribute to weight gain. Because when we get carry-out, I don’t choose the healthy stuff…no grilled chicken with steamed veggies for me. I can gag myself on that for much less if I just make it myself. If we get carry-out, I’m going to JUNK IT UP.

But, alas, I am cheap, as you, my readership, know full-well.

But you are probably thinking: Why are you sitting here whining about being hungry? Why don’t you eat something? Go into that kitchen, woman, and get me something to eat?

Well, let me tell you why: currently the stove and fridge are inaccessible (pulled out into the middle of the room so said flooring can be installed); and all the while, the current work is going on directly in front of the pantry.  So we will wait for dinner.

To make matters worse, not only can I not cook dinner (and again, children, I don’t want to cook dinner…I’m simply hungry. There is always something on which to snack whilst preparing said dinner; if nothing else, if you must: eat the salad!), I cannot get to the pantry and graze uninhibitedly as I would like.

Also, even if I could get to the pantry, with Mr. Always Random working away in such close proximity, I can’t graze uninhibitedly.

If someone see me eat like that, all those calories take effect.

If no one sees me, they don’t count. It's a little known fact. 

And something else which may interest you: if you eat broken chips or cookies, those calories don't count either.

Excuse me now while I shift gears. You may get some whiplash and for that I apologize. I hope your insurance covers it. My blog should come with a disclaimer: Has been known to cause extreme cases of whiplash; proceed with caution.

I am setting aside the shallow hat for a moment to go into a bit of a diatribe…but I hope that you’ll stick it out with me.

I joke that I am starving. I realize full well that I am by no means “starving”…if nothing else, look at me. At least one member of the PBA and I have that conversation almost daily. We have no concept of starvation. Not. Even. Close.

I didn’t set out to turn this into something of a pandering opportunity, but it may seem that way to some. I apologize, as I never want this blog to be a platform for money raising…unless you are so moved by my words and want to shamelessly throw money at me simply because you enjoyed what I wrote…then I will be glad to accept it. Message me and I’ll send you the address.

But writing about how hungry I am reminded me of a post by a couple friends on Facebook.

Their daughter is raising funds for the Thirty Hour Famine, through World Vision.
Should you be so inclined, I know she and her friends who are participating in this together, would greatly appreciate your support. Here is her direct link to donate or simply to gather more information.

Even if you don’t have money to contribute, which I completely understand and will not judge that in any way, I hope you can spend a few minutes in prayer for the fundraising efforts...but possibly more importantly, for the children around the world dying of starvation.

We are so blessed in this country. May your full belly each day remind you of that.

Photo taken from the 30 Hour Famine Website:

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