Wednesday, January 23, 2013

(Not Really) Wordless Wednesday: The Flooring Continues

I simply can't NOT (yes, double-negative...don't judge) explain what's going on Wordless Wednesdays will probably always have some caption at the very least. It's the unstoppable force of the journalism major coming out.

That being said...I give you The Flooring Continues:

This was where the fridge lived for about 24 hours over the week-end while Mr. Always Random worked to get the flooring underneath it just right. We also had issues with the dishwasher, but it didn't block traffic as the fridge did. So no picture of the dishwasher. Sorry to disappoint.

 This is the last-known photo of the hideous, disgusting carpet in the living room...taken yesterday morning,

 This is the kitchen, in preparation for the carpet to be taken out of the living room. (Doesn't the flooring look nice?)

Another shot of the kitchen. Most of the living room furniture is in the kitchen at this point. And yes, Boney Tony is still hanging out on the back door.

And here's our bedroom...what didn't fit in the kitchen is in there. And yes, Mr. Always Random is still making the bed despite the fact that the rest of the room/house is total chaos. I say let the bed go too at this point, but he's still making it. Whatever floats it.

 While at work yesterday, I received this picture room carpet came up easily! Wahoo!

Indy Photo-bomb. Such a helper...

And then I came home to this...pad laid out to keep the dust to a minimum. And chairs moved back in for the time being.

And Mr. Always Random hooking up the TV...Heaven forbid we be one night without the TV. No, was a smart move on his part. I think it would cause a crisis without it.

And let us not forget the pile of disgusting carpet hanging out on the deck.

But hey -- isn't the flooring looking nice? It has oozed it's way into the Living Room!

Stay tuned for the continuing saga!

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  1. he is doing a great job with the gorgeous flooring you picked out!