Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hot Buns

Don’t get excited. I’m not at all talking about what you may think I’m talking about.

Nor am I discussing the finer points of the food product: hot CROSS buns. I’m not for certain I have ever, in my life, had a hot cross bun, so I dare not delve into the finer points of them.

And to continue with the things I am not discussing, I am also not talking about the song either. Yes, it could seem possible that I would expound on the song Hot Cross Buns, being as I work in a preschool. But alas, I am not.

No, no, my loyal readership, what I am talking about with you here today has much graver significance. It is a PRODUCT I am going to discuss. Perhaps it is a mere passing fancy.
Or maybe a passing non-fancy. Some people may think it looks fancy, but I am not one of those few.

No, dear readers, what I am talking about today is the Hot Buns Hairbun Accessory.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to see this product in action, you really must check it out. I simply cannot go on until you have. Go ahead. I’ll wait. But I will warn you: it’s 2 minutes and 4 seconds you’ll never get back.

Everybody up to speed now? Great, I’ll continue. Let me climb back up on the soapbox.

Is there a large demand for women to be wearing their hair up in buns? I think we can all agree that it’s not something you see often…mostly a few select demographic groups, as far as I can gather. Are there a lot of ballerinas or librarians…or, sorry to say, homeschool moms (I can say that because I am one, and I know there are some of you out there who like the bun…I’m not a hater, just pointing out the obvious) who are in need of, and demanding, something to help them keep their hairbuns nice and tidy?

Or did I miss a memo? I try to be up on the latest trends and such, but this one has caught me a little off-balance. And to look at some of these ladies and the size of their buns, I think they might be off-balance too.  All that weight resting on the back of their heads…that can’t be good for their necks.

At least Princess Leia was evened out with a bun on each side. Which, I must add, you could totally achieve that look with this product…since you can get an additional set for free, only paying the additional shipping and handling charges. What a bargain!

I think, perhaps, State Farm got the memo. I actually did a double-take when I first saw this commercial…I thought, “Does she REALLY have a bun? Didn’t someone tell her that’s out of style?” Little did I know that a whole generation of women were clamoring for a product to make their bun-rolling easier.

So…can you spot the bun? I’m sure you did…how could you miss it? Yes, Melinda has the bun. I actually believe it is called a chignon, if you want to get technical…and you know I always do.

I’m here for your edification.

By this point in the diatribe, you may be wondering how I came to know about this product, being as how my hair isn’t remotely long enough to get it into the smallest bun roller. I was clearly not out browsing the Web, looking for a product to assist me in my up dos.

Well, a day of watching mindless television will do that for you. I first stumbled upon said item when I was lounging about on the couch…and no, not eating bon-bons. I was trying to keep my mind OFF food, as it was the day I had the stomach flu courtesy of my 11yo. He’s a giver…what can I say?

No, I spent the entire day watching HGTV and had the opportunity to see this commercial more than once.

At first, it looked like a spoof ad like on MAD (yes, I possibly watch too much television with my kiddos). But then I realized I was still, in fact, watching HGTV and they don’t have spoof ads on there.

This was a real ad for a supposedly legitimate product.

Still unconvinced, I did some research. Yes, someone’s got to do this hard-hitting digging for you. It’s not going to happen on its own!

And this may come as a real shocker to you, but the comments I found regarding the quality of the product were all over the board. Some liked it, some loved it, some hated it. And, my personal favorite…some couldn’t figure out how to use it.

Which reminded me to throw this bone out there for you as well; it’s a little gem of a tutorial I discovered in my research. And again, it comes with a warning: it’s a 2 minutes and 20 seconds you won’t get back.

However, even if you may personally never have need of a Hot Bun, you can be there to assist someone who may have a Hot Bun emergency. You never know…it could happen to you.

Be prepared…it’s not just the motto for the Boy Scouts any more.

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