Thursday, January 24, 2013

Getting to Know You

Today the PBA and I were reading about King Mongkut. In case you did not know (and please know there’s no judging here…I was completely unaware until I read it today), he was a Buddist Priest who became king of Siam in 1851 after his brother (who was the previous king) died.

King Mongkut was highly motivated to open up his country to the West. Part of the palace’s introduction to Western thought and culture was through the British governess which the king hired to educate his children…the widowed Mrs. Anna Leonowens.

While in Siam, Anna kept a diary.

Ringing any bells here?

Yes, for all my Rodgers and Hammerstein musical-loving readers, you will recognize the story immediately; this diary was the inspiration for the book, Anna and the King of Siam, which became the popular movie from 1956… “The King and I”.

Anyway…the history book referenced the film. 

But before I could say a word about us watching it (you know how I am…any excuse to make a fun activity into an educational one as well), my 9yo turned to the 11yo and said, “You know we’re totally going to have to watch that, don’t you?”

The PBA may know me too well; the element of surprise is obviously gone.

Or is it? Won’t they be surprised when I make them read the book instead?

Author's note: "Getting to Know You" is my favorite song from the is a video if you'd care to have a listen. And according to my sources, in the actual movie, it is Marni Nixon whose voice is dubbed in for Deborah Kerr, NOT Julie Andrews. But the voice in the video sounds like Julie I really have no idea. I just enjoy the song.

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