Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Universal Language of Boys

Our church is closely tied to Nicaragua…so much so that we have an NGO there. I don’t fully (or even partially) understand all the ins and outs of that but people tell me it’s a big deal…and I haven’t known them to lie to me so I’m going with the belief that they speak truth.

Through this relationship in Nica, my 9yo has been given the opportunity to be a Prayer Pal to a 7yo boy in an orphanage there. This simply means we pray for him on an ongoing basis.

Furthering the opportunity to bless this child, my son was given the chance to buy Christmas gifts for him. This meant things such as clothing, personal hygiene items, school supplies, candy and small toys.

I took care of some of the “not as fun” shopping (the pens & pencils, clothes, and toothpaste & toothbrushes); and then I allowed him and his brother to shop for the candy and toys.

As we were perusing Target, we picked up a bag of gumballs, some Red Vines (we could only get non-chocolate candy as the chocolate may melt in transport), a stuffed animal, a small wooden snake he can color, markers (to color said snake), and some matchbox cars. 

However, both members of the PBA were overjoyed in particular to select one additional toy for this small Nicaraguan child; they were certain it would be a hit.

That’s right, my friends…it’s a Whoopie Cushion. My boys may speak very little Spanish, but I would venture to guess that this gift will translate just fine.

Editor’s Note: I truly hope all parties involved in this transaction see this as a humorous gift and not something which completely offends. I mean seriously…who wouldn’t think fart noises are funny? I’m such a good boy mommy...once again, God knew what he was doing by NOT giving me girls.

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  1. That. is. awesome. The whoopie cushion is very popular at our house. I'm sure it will be in Nicaragua, too.