Thursday, November 29, 2012

Really Blond

At our homeschool co-op, it’s my responsibility to be in the study hall for the time in which my boys are in class (which only amounts to a couple of hours). My 9yo gets out of class first and joins me in study hall while we wait for his brother.

The other day, he was sitting beside me reading and I felt as though a pair of eyes were upon me. I looked across the room to the only other student (the only other PERSON) in the room besides me and the 9yo.  That student was immersed in his geography book, so I knew it wasn’t him.

Slowly I turned to see my 9yo staring intently at my hair. “Wait, hold on! You have something in your hair!”

Of course I froze…I didn’t want something in my hair. And I was thankful that my 9yo was considerate enough to notice AND do something about it. I consider anyone a true friend if they will tell me I have something on my face or stuck in my teeth…or in my hair. It may be embarrassing for a moment, but better for a moment than for several hours at church, at work or at a party.

I was thankful that my 9yo had picked up on my willingness to do that for others and was taking matters into his own hands on my behalf.

I felt his hand touch the top of my hair, and then slowly move some of the hair back and forth.

Me: What is it?

9yo: Hold on!

I felt his hand pull back so I turned to look at him. He was still looking at my hair inquisitively and held nothing in his hand.

Me: Well, what was it?

9yo: Ummm….nothing.

Me: Yes, it was SOMETHING…what did you see?

9yo: Ummmm…it was just a really blond (you could hear his voice lift as if asking a question here) hair.

Me: Yes, I’m certain that’s what it was…blond. Absolutely.

9yo: Ok, that’s what I thought. (insert raised eyebrows here)

Editor’s Note: For those of you who may not know me, I have not had any blond hair on my head for about 30 years. Thank you, God, for a son who can have SOME tact when it is most needed. He'll make a fine husband someday.

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