Friday, November 30, 2012

Renting Space

We (and by “we” I mean “The Teachers and Administration”) have been working hard at the PBA to make sure that everyone understands that things have a place and they should be in that place if they are not being used.

Now, I’m not like a “Nazi” about it but I am trying to help the PBA understand that they can’t leave their things lying about, all willy-nilly.  I don’t do willy-nilly very well, especially if it is someone else’s willy-nilly. If I am willy-nilly about something, that doesn’t bother me nearly as much, if at all.

Some might call that a double standard. And they would be right.

One of the things we seem to struggle with the most is when we get home from a day at the preschool, and we have to unpack (and repack for the next day if it is a Tuesday or Wednesday) our backpacks, and unpack the lunchboxes.

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, the lunchboxes can stay on the counter. On Thursdays, however, once they are unpacked, the lunchboxes need to be put away in the pantry.

This is not a new rule.

Yesterday, amid the flurry that is Thursday afternoons (we always go to the grocery on the way home on Thursdays…yes, I am a creature of habit), we unloaded our day’s worth of school bags, work bags, gym bags, and grocery bags.

As I was putting away the groceries, I spied an unpacked lunchbox sitting on the counter.

The following conversation was succinct but made its point:

Me: That lunchbox does not live there.

11yo: Yes, but it often rents space there.


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