Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ready for School

I truly enjoy some of the deep, philosophical conversations we have at bedtime. The chat transcribed below was not one of them:

Me: So, you have everything you need for tomorrow?

11yo: Yup.

Me: EVERYTHING you need for school? 

11yo: Yup.

Me: All packed and ready to go? 

11yo: Yup.

Me: Are you sure?

11yo: Yup.

Me: Even that thing I asked you about at dinner that I said I wasn’t going to remind you about which I may or may not be asking about at this very moment?

11yo: Oh…no...

Me: What do you still need to get?

11yo: The laptop.

Me: And what do you think you should do about it at this very moment?

11yo: Ask you to get it and put it with my backpack?

Me: Want to try that again?

11yo: Get up and put it with my backpack?

Me: Yup.

While I am slightly concerned with his lack of preparedness for school and his inability to read my demeanor showing I was not really in the mood for attempts at humor, I am exponentially concerned with his grammar and blatant over-use of the non-word “yup.” I can't imagine where he gets it.

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