Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Having My Back

Today I found out that my good friend (who also happens to be my boss; let’s call her Fancy Nancy) made sure that the PBA remembered that today is my birthday.

Yes, it is my birthday…and no, I am not intentionally pandering for a bunch of “Happy Birthdays” but I would accept them if you felt so inclined. I had to tell you that so I could relay my amusing anecdote (or antidote, as I used to call it when I was younger…either one might work; depends on what you think of my post).

I also have another post I’m working on about turning 39 for the first time. So now we all know how old I am. I’m certain you thought younger; most people do.

I don't really think that's true. I’m putting on a brave face today.

Anyway, yesterday, Fancy Nancy pulled my 9yo aside. I wasn't there, but this is the general idea of how the conversation went...except the end. I know I got that part right.

She said to my son, “You know, tomorrow is your mom’s birthday.”


“Well, what are you going to do for her birthday?”

“I don’t know.”

“You could do all your work with no complaining, maybe fold some laundry, wash some dishes…things like that.”

“Oh yeah…that would be good. And maybe she doesn’t have to come to work tomorrow either.”

“Touche.” (Imagine, if you will, there's a little accent that "e"...I am having trouble recalling at the moment how to do that.)

I’m glad to know that I have multiple people in my life who have my back, especially when it comes to my birthday.

This is (obviously) the Parker (Family) Birthday Plate...the Birthday Boy or Girl gets to use this for dessert on their special day.  To this day is drives me insane that we did not put the word "Family" on the plate. And I have no idea why we did not. That's what drives me most insane.

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