Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sticks & Stones...and Samurai Swords

This won’t be news to you, but boys sometimes have an interesting way of displaying affection. Remember, ladies, when you were a child and little boys would pull your hair or tease you. And your mom would tell you that it was because they liked you but they didn't know how to tell you or even know how to act around you.

And it didn’t get any better the older they got, did it? I mean for all of you…my husband is the exception.
My 9yo’s latest way to display affection is more unsettling than those boys back in elementary school. He tackles me in a bear hug and then pretends to stab me in the back. As he’s pretending to stab me, he simultaneously jumps out of the way because the imaginary knife is so long that it slices straight through me and has the potential to maim or kill him as well.

I think I would prefer that he put a toad in my shoe or worms in my lunchbox.
He's going to be quite a catch for some young lady when he grows up. But I kind of feel sorry for the girl’s mother who is going to have to explain his actions…because I’m not so sure that “He likes you” is going to be the obvious reason…

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