Friday, October 26, 2012

Beach Napping

As I’m certain you can tell, I really enjoyed my time on vacation last week (yes it’s only been a week since we returned home but trust me, it feels like SO much longer). And yes, I’m still talking about the trip.

My husband just sent these pictures to me. I’d taken them on his phone (I didn’t want to take mine to the beach and risk ruining it), and after I took them, I clearly forgot all about them. Until now.

These were taken one warm and sunny afternoon. We went to the beach, knowing that the tide was going out. Well, as I sat on the beach, the warm breeze and the bright sun made me have to squint. I didn’t want to squint; it was much easier to simply close my eyes. And take a little snooze.
But before I dropped off completely, I did make my boys get out of the water. As I said, the tide was going out and I had visions of them (the 9yo especially) drifting off to sea, or getting sucked under water by the undertow. 

So I instructed them to play in the sand close to where I was, as I was engaged in examining the back of my eyelids. As I slipped into my nap, they were busily digging holes, and had drawn an actual line in the sand to demarcate who could use what sand. Whatever. I wasn’t caring about that. I was just caring about a little rest. I’d had a rough day already, what with the bike ride and a visit to the pool. I had earned my nap.
When I was startled awake a few minutes later by blood-curdling shrieks and laughter, this is what I found: One child had buried himself and was in process of digging out; simultaneously the other one was pelting him with sand. Quality supervision right here.  I’m such a good mommy.

The red welts on their backs only lasted a few hours, I promise. And no worries...the 11yo was able to free himself and repaid his brother in full.

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