Tuesday, October 9, 2012

And We're Done

I suppose I have made you all wait long enough. And I’m certain that you’re all on pins and needles, waiting with baited breath, on the edge of your seats, dying to know how the Ducks did in the Super Bowl.

Well, I won’t make you languish any longer. They lost. 12-20. But not without great fanfare and hoopla.
I must backtrack and fill in some details from the week-end.  The moms did go shopping on Friday night for car & bedroom door decorations; I did not go. We did have practice, despite the chilly temperatures and soggy fields. We did attend the family pitch-in dinner and car-decorating party. We half-heartedly decorated the car…and included our 11yo in the decorating, by promoting his soccer team as well. Made as much sense as anything else we did.

I will admit that it was so generous of the host family to invite us all there…it was a large group, but fortunately they had the space to accommodate us all. All the other parents were cordial enough, but even as my 11yo noted, “You didn’t seem like you were talking to very many people.” As I explained to him, it’s difficult when you’re the “new kid” and everyone else knows one another. But he was right. Man, I hate it when he’s right.
The next morning (game day) there was a big team breakfast at Sophia’s. We declined the invitation; cold cereal was sufficient for him. And I heard no complaints from him either. And I was thankful for that.

As the game time approached, the stadium was rampant with great festivities. One game was going on ahead of us (a different division), so all the banter and revelry was already underway. Each of our  players were brought forward and the coach talked about each one, all for the camera. I couldn’t hear a word of it but I’m certain it was nice stuff.
The game was played on the CGHS football field. The game was BROADCAST on Comcast cable, just like the CGHS football games. The game announcer was the same one who announces the CGHS football games. Are we noticing a theme here? Please understand…the Bantam league is quick to admit they are a feeder for the CG football program. I think it’s a little nuts, as they are 9yos, but no one asked me.

We had our plastic cowbells and our bead necklaces. We had our water bottles full of pony beads to shake with each great play. We had our giant photo posters. And lots of “pep music” playing…but only bits of it…to get the crowd fired up. They would only give enough of each song to get me in the mood to bust a move; as soon as I was inspired, they would shut the music off. Fortunately I never did get up and begin dancing, because that would have been a touch embarrassing, regardless of whether the music was shut off or not. I have rhythm but don’t have the moves (yes, I borrowed that line, but it doesn’t make it less true). However I did get caught singing (and I can’t carry a tune, either) when the music stopped mid-lyric. More than once. Sometimes the lessons take me a while to learn.
Now for all my rant, I’m not saying that it was a completely horrible experience. My 9yo got the Sportsmanship Award for his team. Not entirely certain how that came about, but it might have something to do with standing around and observing the play, despite the fact that you’re standing on the middle of the field. Purely speculation on my part…but basing it on what I may have seen as a spectator.

I tease…I know he had a good attitude and stayed positive, despite the fact that he knew he was probably not going to be a rainmaker on the field. He is a sweet boy and I am proud that he stuck with it for the entire season; at the beginning he didn’t want to continue. He hated practice and repeatedly didn’t want to go; for the record, being the model parents that we are, we never let him out of a practice. He persevered, and finished what he started.
I don’t want to give you a play-by-play of the game. In fact, it’s doubtful that I could. I was there. I was engaged. I even yelled and shook my rattle and cowbell at appropriate times. My husband or my 9yo could give you the highlights if you are interested. You’re reading the wrong blog post if you are interested in all that.

They played well, but unfortunately did not appear to be getting their blocks. The mom who had been so kind to remind them in the previous game was “walking the fence”…it was as close as she could get to the field. Perhaps that was the problem…the distance was too much and they could not hear her encouraging words. I’m going to go with that. Not the fact that our boys only played this team once and it was the only team which beat them. And it wasn’t that they were probably, possibly the better team. Nope…it was because they couldn’t hear the full brunt of the additional coaching.
After the game, they gathered for a rah-rah speech from the coach. He was very encouraging and inspiring. My 9yo shed some tears. I’m sure he wasn’t the only one. Then they got their trophies (yes, plural)…Minor 4 Division Super Bowl Runner up, and Minor 4 Division Champs. By then the tears had mostly dried up. They went away completely with the help of the cupcakes (they each had one with their number written on the top in icing), AND the sheet cake. My son had both. And some candy. Then the child requested Culver’s for dinner. And why not, considering the strict adherence we’d had to the food pyramid thus far that day (I know it’s really a “pyramid” any more but a plate…but I’m old school. Go with it.) A little sugar (ok, a lot of sugar), a little grease…how can that make you anything but happy? OK maybe it can make you sick and bloated, but you’ll be happy for a little while, until you come down off the sugar high.

We headed home (to Culver’s actually), and loud music continued to blare from the speakers at the field (the next game was already under way)… “Crazy Train”…yes, exactly.

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