Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Mutiny: Month 1 Day 4

Random Thoughts and/or Experiences I’ve Had in the Past Four Days:

I may or may not have snapped at my 11yo for standing to close to me while he ate a chocolate chip cookie.

You know the sugar addiction is bad when you're excited about the fish oil gummie vitamin you take at dinner. And yes, I take a fish oil gummie vitamin. Don't judge...that wasn't the point of this comment.

I have begun hoarding my food…as in, “Don’t eat that spinach. It’s all I have!”

My 11yo said to me, “Mom, I know things have been tough for you this past week.”
Me: What do you mean? What has been tough?
11yo: Well, with the food thing…
Me: Buddy, it’s only Day 3…it’s not even been half a week yet.
11yo: Oh…that's it?
Me: Trust me, dude, it's felt like a week to me too...

I cooked a second whole chicken…and it’s only day 4.

Mr. AR and I ate a pound of strawberry (between us, not each) for “treat” one night. And an hour later I was hungry.

I encouraged (no, I made) the PBA do their Life Skills on Monday morning…because mama was out of hard-boiled eggs and what do you know: hard-boiled eggs was their assigned food for this week. Coincidence? I think not.

We are having a modified version of these Black Bean Quinoa burgers for dinner tonight…your mouth is watering now, isn’t it? Oh wait...that's just me.

I’m beginning to crave hard-boiled eggs.

I've never used salt and pepper as much as I have in the past four days.

I may or may not be pondering what I will choose to eat for my first meal when this month of the experiment is over.

I completely regret signing up for all those Birthday Freebies from various restaurants…because (and you may not be aware of this if you haven’t signed up for your birthday freebies) but those companies send out promo emails all the time. Photos included. I never thought Queso Diablo would be something I’d like to eat until today…for the cheese and flavor if nothing else. (And yes the irony is not lost on me that it clearly also contains chicken and black beans…I’m not COMPLETELY sick of chicken and beans yet.)

This is from Qdoba, lest you be curious...
I haven’t had a headache in two days. I don’t know what that means…I am simply making note of it. What ever the reason, I am quite certain it's not due to the lack of sugar.

When we drove by Mrs. Curls this afternoon, it didn’t even sound good. (OK that’s a lie…I just totally lied to you right there. I apologize…it’s the hunger talking.)

I have never eaten a bowl of strawberries so slowly or thoughtfully as I have in the past four days…taking the time to savor each bite.

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  1. "I haven’t had a headache in two days. I don’t know what that means…I am simply making note of it. What ever the reason, I am quite certain it's not due to the lack of sugar."

    Mmm hmm. You just keep saying that to yourself.

    In the meantime, This journey that you all are on does make me think about the excess that we all have in our lives. I was telling coworkers this morning about your experiment (that's the right word, yes?), and they asked if I'm planning to participate. My response was an immediate, resounding "No." At least for now.

    1. No worries, Lori...I am just in denial. I know exactly what is causing it...argh! My suspicions were correct...I hate it when I'm right.

      Yes, yes an experiment for sure. So glad to hear that's it sparking some thoughts and conversations...hopefully they aren't ending with "those people are NUTS!" :)