Monday, May 19, 2014

Yoga Pants

So…I never thought this would be true but I must confess that I LOVE me some yoga pants. And no, I don’t do yoga. Ever. I work out at the gym in said pants, but it’s never yoga.

I just had to put that seemingly random piece of information out there for you…I’ll bring it back around in a moment.

At the preschool where I used to work (and sometimes still have the blessing of getting to substitute) we began a “clothing swap”…which wasn’t really a swap because you didn’t have to leave something in order to take something.

It is a “take as you have need” kind of thing, actually.

It was…let me back that up…it IS a wonderful ministry opportunity for people in so many ways…both the givers and the receivers.

Now I won’t lie…there were several things which were donated which I had my eye on. But because I am not in NEED of them, I never took anything until the end of the last day, after all the other families were gone.

Often what I thought I “needed” went to someone else. Which is exactly as it should be.

Well, last week, I subbed on Thursday (which is the last day of the preschool week, lest you be confused) and it so happened that there were still quite a few items left after the families had picked up their kiddos. I was helping the Assistant Director bag up all the leftover items (because we can’t leave them out over the week-end…that would make the church look a touch messy on Sunday mornings) when I spied a couple pairs of yoga pants.

And they looked practically brand new! Wow…what a score! They looked like something that would fit me (don’t look at sizes, girls…just look at how things fit you…this is what I am trying to learn for myself; you should learn it too).

So I took them home and tried them on…planning to bring them back to “redonate” (yes, that’s a real word) the following week if they didn’t work out…

Imagine my delight when they fit. AND (I am well-aware that I told you NOT to look at the size, but I accidentally glanced down at it)…they were size SMALL!

I was shocked! I knew I had not lost weight recently and had frankly NEVER been in a size "small" and could not fathom how this was possible, but ok…I was claiming it.

Then I washed them up and put them on the next day for the gym. I thought, as I straightened them out, “Boy, this waistband is higher than most…that is nice…I don’t feel like I will always have to be pulling them up because they are a ‘low rise’”…which is something I don’t really comprehend in yoga pants, but then again I am not a designer. Perhaps with good reason.

When I got home from the gym and was hoping in the shower, I REALLY noticed the tag. “Small Maternity.”

Well…there you go…apparently I wear a size small in maternity pants. Which is information I do not currently need and hope to NEVER need again.

And perhaps I should rethink the whole “not look at the tag theory” as well…

Now…because this post wasn’t as funny as I had hoped (or maybe it just wasn’t that funny to me), here’s a little Tim Hawkins for you, singing about yoga pants. Pardon the filming on this one…I chose this lady’s version because in the intro, Hawkins was talking about homeschoolers. Imagine that…


  1. love yoga pants... I'm not in them everyday... there was a time as soon as I got home on they went but then I also did Yoga too. Great song too. :)

  2. My favorite and most comfortable piece of clothing EVER was my maternity jeans. That panel! Heavenly!