Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fashion Forward

My 12yo is really beginning to spread his fashion sense wings. I shall reserve comment on what I think about some of his choices because I KNOW that my parents reserved judgment.

Or at the very least, they reserved comment.

I look back at photos now and wonder, “Why on God’s green earth did they let me wear THAT? Out in public, no less?”

Because they were letting my spread my fashion sense wings.

And I even though I look at these pictures and cringe at some of my choices, I am thankful that they let me be my own person and express my creative spirit.

You are undoubtedly wanting to see a picture, and I am refraining from sharing. There are too many things on the internet which should not be there, and pictures of me in the 80’s is one of them.

OK, because you demanded it, and because I am all about giving the people what they want, I’ll share a photo of from my childhood, clearly demonstrating my sense of fashion. And yes, it's in the 70's.

Feel free to oooo and ahhh. 

Overall, I think I have come out ok (with the exception of sometimes wearing maternity clothing when not pregnant…), but otherwise, I’m somewhat fashion neutral, sometimes forward.

At least I try to be forward and not behind. Although last year I had someone tell me that I had an “80’s Vibe” to my clothing…I still think about that comment, as I don’t entirely know what that meant, but I don’t think it was a compliment.

I did not make a retaliatory comment, just in case you were wondering. I thought it but refrained from letting it exit my lips. I try to let people dress how they dress. If they ASK for my opinion, I give it. But if they don’t ask, I keep my trap shut.

My parents may still keep reserving comment, though I have tamed things down from middle school/high school.

To be fair (and this is no excuse in any context, but I do hear a lot, often from celebrities): “It was the 80’s!”

OK, and EARLY 90’s…when we came into the “Grunge” phase…a whole closet full of flannel shirts and a big movie poster of “Singles” in my college dorm room.

Don’t judge.

But I’m not here to talk about my fashion tragedies…I’m here to talk about my 12yo’s fashion sense wings.

Last week (I think it was last week…maybe two weeks ago)…he informed me that he had seen kids wearing this certain type of shoes lately and he wanted to get a pair.

As he described them, I asked, “Topsiders?”

“Yeah, I think that’s it.”

Later that same day, I was at the mall (as an aside, I really dislike the mall and don’t even know why I was there, other than, more than likely it was because I had “free money” to spend with my “Shop Your Way” rewards offered through Sears; I find that more and more I prefer Salvation Army to the mall. Don’t judge.) and just to confirm our conversation, I took a picture of some Topsiders and texted it to him.

Yes, that was what he wanted.

However…he added one additional piece of info…he said kids were wearing them with Nike Elites.

Hmmm…that sounded hideous, but again…reserving comment. Not judgment…just comment.

Over the next few days, I kind of forgot about the shoes, and he didn’t mention them again.

Until yesterday when we were at the mall. We happened to be in Sears (where I had taken the picture of the Topsiders). While I was looking at house wares, the 12yo asked if he could go and try and those shoes.
Sure…knock yourself out.

When I finished up with my shopping (which ended up in me not making a purchase, lest you were wondering), I wandered over to the shoe department.

And found him trying on a pair of these:

Oh, be still my heart! They are my FAVORITE kind of shoes in the whole world. I only have four pairs but they are the best.

Yes, a little worn...especially the blue ones...I believe I've had them since yeah, a couple years.
When I began gushing about these shoes (clearly, I’d lost my filter), he all of a sudden no longer wanted them. 

And he was shocked...SHOCKED, I tell you, that I owned A pair of them, let alone four pairs, in spite of the fact that I wear them ALL.THE.TIME. (And who says he doesn't pay attentiong to details? Sorry, my future DIL...I am trying!)

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  1. Hahaha!!! How did he not notice you wore them? You do wear them all the time.