Monday, April 28, 2014

Processing Part 1...and Some Superstition

So…in case you had not heard, the foster girls who came to us a week and a half ago are no longer here. They actually moved to a new foster home on Friday afternoon.

We know without a doubt that our lives were to cross with theirs and that we were supposed to care for them for the short while we did; we do not regret the experience at all but it was never intended to be a long-term placement. We were blessed beyond measure to share the Gospel with them, share Easter with them, pray with (and for…still praying for!), and give them each their own Bible. That right there is more blessings than we deserve and yet God was so good to give them to us.

But I digress…

We are praying that grandma’s approval for custody came through today (although the agency wasn’t sure when it would be, if it ever came through at all) and that they are/will be able to be with grandma and their brothers, all together under one roof.

But being with us was not the best place for them. We cared for them as best we could, but frankly it was much too much for us.

We will know better next time (yes, I said next time…we will try it again) what we may be better equipped to handle.

I can’t even say more than this because I am still processing. I know it was only 9 days, but believe you me: I learned more in those 9 days than some people learn in a lifetime.

So…as I continue to process, you may see bits of it in my writing.

Or you may not. I don’t know how it will all come out. But I can tell you this (and I know it sounds so trite and cliche and that is not what I want but it is what it is so I will say it anyway): I will never be quite the same.

Although I am still somewhat random and felt like story below is something I needed to share.

OK, “needed” is a strong word; wanted would be more like it.

I am trying to get back on the horse. I’ll be honest; Ididn’t find much humor in things last week.

And please understand, I don’t think in any way, shape or form that this will be life-changing in any way. But to show you (probably for the umpteenth…yes, it is an actual number if you count high enough…time) that my 11yo is not so unlike me.

He’s a little random.

And, of course (and this totally goes without saying but I am saying it anyway), hi-larious!

Much to his chagrin, I am certain…the part about him being like his mom, that is.

He LIVES to get the laugh. I can't imagine where he gets that quality; must be from his father.

So…in the car today, we enjoyed listening to the 70’s channel on satellite radio.

I know that makes me sound uppity. That is truly not my intention. It’s one of the little splurges I allow myself.

If that makes me a snob, so be it.

While I’m already sounding snobby, can I pause right here and make a complaint about satellite radio? Again…this is so very much a First World Problem but it’s a little thing which irks me and I feel that this is probably the best forum in which I can vent.

(Cause ain’t nobody else listening to me about it anywhere else…and you might not be either…feel free to skip ahead.)

I hate that Channel 4 on Satellite Radio is now the Billy Joel Channel. I have nothing against Billy Joel and am actually a fan of his work in the 70’s and 80’s (Don’t judge.)

But seriously?!? There’s more of a following of Billy Joel than music from the 1940’s?!?

They think can just make channel changes all willy-nilly as though no one will notice?

I find that difficult to believe. So if you are as moved by my plea as I hope you, I implore you to write to the company and lodge your complaint.

Thank you, in advance, for your full and utmost support in bringing back the 40’s to satellite radio.

Glad I got that off my chest.

Phew. I think we will all sleep a little bit better tonight, won't we?

So…today we were listening to the 70’s channel (obviously not the 40’s channel…yes, beating the dead horse right here) and “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder came on.

The 11yo and I love that song.

The jury is still out on how the 12yo feels about it; he was oblivious. He only listens to his iPod when we’re in the car. I’m sure it is in no way any sort of indication of how he feels about my music selection.

And speaking of feedback on music selection, the girls did not hesitate last week to share their thoughts on the music I like.

I, you know, ever being the mature adult, refrained comment on what I thought about the songs I had heard them singing.

I will not refrain now, however, but will only say this: "W.O.W. Really? You’re allowed to listen to that? And not only LISTEN but are allowed to SING IT? W.O.W. Just W.O.W."

Clearly not the most shocking thing I experienced last week, nor was it altogether that surprising, but yet it kind of was…when I was smacked in the face with it.

But I digress...

Instead of trying to find a common ground, we settled on various orchestral pieces. I was somewhat surprised that they didn’t object.

There wasn’t a whole lot to which they didn’t object.

But again…I digress.

Bringing it back around to today: 70’s channel, Stevie Wonder “Superstition”.

My 11yo said: This song always reminds me of Christmas.

I pondered that for a moment. Sometimes I can figure out why a song will remind him of a certain event, movie or show.

Again…that whole “cut from the same cloth” business.

My husband and 12yo are always a little amazed when I pull something out of seemingly mid-air.

But this time, I was coming up empty.

Bone dry. All I could think of was this Bud Light commercial (which, yes, I have posted before and I still find it very funny…so I, of course, had to share it again. And if you are aware of my affinity for quinoa, it’s even more amusing. So

But that wasn’t what he was thinking of; he said it reminded him of Christmas.

I pondered a bit more but still…nothing.

So of course, I asked him about it. I used to not ask questions when I didn’t understand or didn’t know something, because I thought it made me look dumb. But now I try to ask if at all possible…because I may look dumb regardless, but at least I will know something new if I ask.

Me: So why does it remind you of Christmas?

11yo: Because of the Bud Light Super Bowl commercials that are on around Christmas time.

I don’t even know what to say about that…I’m just thankful that the stars aren’t out of alignment as I has supposed.


  1. If I had satellite radio, I would gladly comply with your imploring me to write the company and lodge my complaint, because I, too, love '40s music. I do like Billy Joel...his music may have graced a party or two in college...but a whole station for him. Yeah, I don't think so either.

    1. Full disclosure is not necessary...they don't need to know that you don't have satellite radio! You just need to report your outrage at the situation! :)

  2. ARGH ! You're right about a whole station to Billy how does satellite radio work are the songs that play on the station just Billie Joel songs or is like minded songs that are like Billie Joel's songs you know like Pandora of course I would complain too bring back the 40's...but truly you can not go by my standard of music I drive everyone crazy with my music it's all over the place....anyway what I really want to say is be at peace with what occurred in the last 9 days...when I was going through the adoption and something happened my friend would say well we make plans and God Laughs...he's got something else planned and it will be glorious!!!


    1. It's like Pandora and they play Billy Joel-like songs. I don't even understand how that works, but somehow someone has convinced the powers that be that there are enough Billy Joel-like songs to support an entire station.

      And yes, my music choices are all over the place as well. I like a lot of different stuff...excepting what the girls last week enjoyed. Bless them.

      About last week: I am at peace. I was feeling anxious when we were in process of moving them to the new home, but as soon as it was over, I felt flooded with peace. Yes, I know God laughs at my plans all the time! Thanks for helping me keep perspective...his plans are infinitely better than mine! :)