Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Know I Can't Remember It All, But How Can I Forget This?!?

So, you know how you think your mind is a steel trap?

Or..you know how MY mind is like a steel trap? (As an aside, I think this quality in me freaks my friend DK out just a little bit.)

OK, I used to think that about myself. Not so much since I turned 40...since that time, it feels like memories seem to ooze slowly out.

Case in point...We were looking at old pictures the other day and I came across the ones of my eldest at his birth.

I had forgotten that he needed stitches when he was a newborn.

And I'm not talking about the little "procedure" which happens to many little boys upon their debut. That would not be a "memorable" one necessarily, unless there was some horrible accident at the time.

That "routine" surgery came later for him, actually...I'll spare you the details of it but I will say this: it happened when he was about 15 months old. They gave him what basically amounted to be an epidural for the pain and when he came to, he had a difficult time understanding that he could not walk. 

Imagine that? A 15-month-old not understanding something....hmmm. I should write a book.

Anyway, they released him from the hospital (it was outpatient) and we took him home (we're good parents like that). In spite of our best efforts, we could not get him to stop trying to walk. 

Again...imagine that. A toddler with a mind of his own.

So we drove him around for a couple hours until the last bit of medicine wore off.

It was fun.

But I digress.

The stitches he needed at birth were on his head. And not because he had some issue which needed to be removed or addressed.

When they cut open my belly (yes, I had a c-section), they apparently weren't entirely certain where he was so they accidentally cut his little head.

Have you ever heard of such a thing?

So do you see his little antennae...we said he was our alien baby.

This angle looks a lot worse...all bloody and scabby.
(Those are the technical terms...I clearly missed my calling in the medical profession.)
Seriously, folks! How could a mama forget about this?!?! (Please weigh in on this because you cannot imagine how much guilt I feel over it!)


  1. OH MY WORD how in the world could they nick him????
    He is by the was super cute! and so so tiny! And we had that outfit too!
    Poor baby boy, bless his little heart!
    also funny "not able to be walking" story :-)
    He is so tiny in the pictures
    altho i'm going to say How can you forget the cut head??? which side am I on?
    one last thing

    1. I don't know...I still don't understand but I didn't pursue it b/c he was fine.

      Thanks...I think he was super-cute too. And yes tiny...a whopping 5 lbs 10 ozs.

      I don't know how I didn't remember!!! I recall thinking about it when I first began cutting his hair because a) he would let me buzz it and b) there is a tiny scar there (which has actually grown as he has grown). But since he now wears his hair longer, I don't see it and I just forgot.


    2. we did a buzz cut on #1 once… he DOES NOT have the head for it. now we pray he won't go balled.
      wowa 5 10 is so tiny!!!
      come-piss (took a survey at dinner) for compass

  2. I too find myself forgetting bits of my kids infancy. I think it is because I am so "in the moment" with them. That and I was never much of a picture taker. I will probably regret that someday.

  3. Is it bad that I remembered this...?

    And Que pon

    1. Of course YOU remembered, Cathy Allen (Mayer)!...I would be more surprised if you forgot. ;)


  4. I'd say you should feel guilty, but I had forgotten that our 12 year old was at home on a biliblanket for a week when he was an infant. I saw a photo and said, "oh, yeah!"

    I have never heard of a baby getting sliced during a c-section. How could they not know where he was?!?!?!

    1. This makes me feel marginally better, Christine, because you have three times as many children as I do...I really have no excuse...

      I have no idea how they missed it...but it makes for an interesting story at cocktail parties, doesn't it? (You know...when I remember. And because I attend so many cocktail parties....)

  5. oh, poor baby! Can you imagine the shocker when that cut his little head?

    If Christine has max excuse with 6 kids and you have some excuse with yours... I have NO excuse as I adopted and have forgotten so much from the hospital days... he was in NICU for a while and he used to always ask me about the day I met him as an infant and of course what do I do? Embellesh the story cuz i couldn't remember everything from the actual day. Don't feel bad! I would say it was because Im 50 but Ive been adding to the story for years!

    1. Hey I think we all get a little fuzzy and often embellish the details out of forgetfulness not intent. I think you and I have the same amount of viable excuse...we're busy moms. End.of.story. :)

  6. Oh, that sweet, tiny wittle baby boy with stitches in his sweet head! I had two c-sections and never DREAMED it was a possibility that the doctor could have sliced by baby open at the same time!