Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Have Your Pets Neutered (Sounds Funny, Right?)

On the radio this morning, we heard a commercial. Now I must admit that I actually enjoy commercials.


Only they they’re funny.  I’m not necessarily a fan of ones that make me cry.

Case in point, those stupid “Cotton” ones from a few years ago with Aaron Neville singing. You know the ones.

Google it if not. I can’t even find it within myself to post it here, because I might cry.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I think I’ve previously addressed the divide in our house over commercials…Mr. Always Random does not care for commercials. But I have a theory…I like them because they can (if done well) contain all the wit and cleverness of a half-hour show but condensed into a 30-second bit.

In much the same way: I make cards instead of scrapbooks…you have to be clever in a compact amount of space.

But I think I am digressing a bit.

Anyway…I like commercials. So since Mr. Always Random wasn’t in the car with us, I was listening to one.

It was one I had not heard before, although the message was the same as Bob Barker on “The Price is Right”.

Yes, you know what “commercial” old Bob always ended the snow with; if not, here’s a refresher:

So…today’s radio commercial, however, was kind of clever (at least I thought so…don’t judge) in that they insinuated that your friends and family members will keep their distance from you when you cat or dog is pregnant so as to avoid getting roped in to taking a kitten or puppy once they are born.

And to avoid such issues, have you pet spayed or neutered.

It was funny…trust me: it was. I am butchering it completely and cannot find it online anywhere (Google even let me down), so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

But one thing I didn’t realize was that the PBA (who were also in the car with me) were also listening to the commercial.

10yo: So, Mom…how do you neuter your pet?

Me: Well, you take it to the vet and have it done…you can’t do it yourself.

Long pause…some might call it a pregnant pause (yes, pun totally intended…and it’s really ok if you want to laugh out loud)

10yo: But how do you make them neuter?

Me: (Getting slightly frustrated…shocking, I know) At the vet.

10yo: (Also getting slightly frustrated) But they are already NUDE…how do you make them “nuder”?

Ah...fun with homophones.


  1. My daughter's hairless cat is nuder!

  2. mwah-ha-ha.... nice. Too funny!

    I remember when my kids asked those questions...and the look of horror when you get to the part about the vet "cutting out their ______" *gasp!!*

    1. Yes, sometimes they ask questions they aren't really looking for an answer to...but they (and you) realize it when it's too late and they are plugging their ears, saying "la-la-la-la-la...."

  3. That one's awesome! Nuder.