Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Homeschooling Breakthrough and Some Patronizing Words

As I mentioned over the week-end, the PBA got in trouble last Monday and were grounded from all electronics, including television.

And unfortunately for them, Monday night was the ONLY night of the week we were home and had no plans to go anywhere.

So, being the good mama and homeschool teacher…I encouraged them to do some of their work for the next day.

And not only did they do some of Tuesday’s work; they did ALL of Tuesday’s work.

And then on Tuesday, they did their work for Wednesday…I’m sure you get the point: they got all their work for the week finished by Thursday night so they had Friday off.

This is the kind of thing I have been trying to get them to understand for about 3 ½ years…since we began homeschooling.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you view it) it took grounding to get them to see the point I’d been trying to make.

Let me just say regardless of how it happened, we were all glad to have that day off.

Now this week, I was really hoping for a similar response. Minus the grounding, of course, but that probably goes without saying. I don’t like to ground but sometimes they just ask for it.

You know what I mean.

So on Monday, I didn’t see any indication that either boy was going to work ahead in any capacity. And then suddenly there it was: the 10yo was finished with Monday’s work and he began perusing the lesson plans for Tuesday.

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition! They CAN be taught…and not only that, RETAIN what they were taught.

But after about an hour of work, I saw him playing video games.

I’ll admit…I was disheartened. And possibly didn’t broach the subject in the most loving and understanding way.

Me: WHY aren’t you doing your work?!?!

10yo: Well, Mom, I figured out a system to how I’ll get it all done so I’ll get Friday off. But it’s kind of complicated…you kind of have to be in my head to understand.

Me: Try me. I’m smarter than I appear.

10yo: OK, so…

I’m going to pause there…has anyone else out there noticed that when my 10yo is telling a story that he always starts with “OK, so…”…I cannot fathom where he gets that. If anyone has insight into this conundrum, please share…

And we’re back.

10yo: OK, so on Monday I did the work for Monday and 25% of Tuesday.

Me: OK…

10yo: Then on Tuesday, I will do the rest of Tuesday’s work, and then 50% of Wednesday’s. On Wednesday, I'll finish Wednesday’s and then do 75% of Thursday. Are you with me so far?

Me: (trying hard not to roll my eyes) Yes, I believe so…

10yo: Then on Thursday, I finish Thursday’s work and then do all of Friday’s. And then I have Friday off!

I have to admit that it was pretty smart; I’ll be sure to let you know how it pans out for him.

However, I am somewhat disturbed, but can’t quite put my finger on what is most bothersome: 
  • that I totally understood the method he laid out, or 
  • that he didn’t think I would understand the method he laid out.


  1. He sounds like an advanced child who has hit the teens a bit early. With any luck, you will be smart again in his eyes before his 20s!

    1. Well, he's still young enough that some days I actually still know something...which comes in handy for a homeschool teacher :)

  2. Clever young man! Now you just have to hope that he uses his powers for good, not evil!

    And my daughter (at 5) also begins stories with "OK, so..." Neither of us do, so I'm clueless as to the source. I've noticed, though, that it's usually when the story to follow is somewhat fishy.

    1. Yes, it would be nice if he used his powers for good! ;)

      And I was totally kidding because half of my writing begins with "ok, so" (or just one or the other)...apparently I speak that way too and he's clearly picked up on it. LOL...those apples don't fall far!

  3. Very smart boy! ...I wonder where he gets that from... because from what I know of his mother, the apple probably doesn't fall too far from the tree... ;)
    (not sure if that came across like I meant for it to...but in case it didn't, it was meant to be a compliment) ;)

    1. You're too kind...I don't think I am as clever as he is. And yes, I understood that to be a compliment...and even if you hadn't meant it that way, that's how I was taking it. ;)