Monday, January 27, 2014

Wipeout Flipper

The other day, we were in the car…listening to “Wipeout” on the radio.

The song...not the show. I don't imagine that the show would play to well to radio audiences. Tends to be a visual bit.

And no, I don’t own the CD but I could. Or I could just find it on Spotify. Or Youtube.

I may have been dancing at the time as well…as best as someone who is driving can dance.

Don’t judge.

Here’s the song for you to listen to while you read.


My 12yo asked: Was this song in the movie “Flipper”?

Explanation: the 1996 version; not the original.

Me: Why yes, yes it was.

12yo: Do you remember when I watched that all the time when I was little?

Let me pause right there…he had a thing for all ocean creatures when he was little. It was a serious thing. Dolphins were especially intriguing for him.

Hence the continual watching of Flipper.

As an aside, a great big “Thank you” again to my mother for buying that for him. I don’t really blame her…she’s the grandma.

Me: Yes, darling…I most certainly do.

Here I grit my teeth and crossed my fingers that he didn’t pursue the line of questioning which I was pretty sure was coming.

Long pause…I held my breath.

12yo: Do you like that movie?

Me: Ummmm…no.

12: (Incredulous) Why not?

Me: Because it stunk.

12yo: (head shakes in disbelief) What?!?

That’s me: squasher of childhood loves. Need your child’s dreams squashed? Or some bad news delivered? Send him my way. I don’t mince words.

As an aside, he still does not seem to believe me; I may have to pull the movie out for him to judge for himself. And I’ll be sure to make him watch it when I am busy with other things.

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  1. Oh wow...I so know that sinking feeling, knowing the question/issue to come is something you're going to have to be honest about. I am better at letting them down than their dad is. I don't exactly lie...but I'll say, "well, I didn't care for it too much" or even "it was... ok..." and change the subject. ;) What's even harder when it is a human being rather than a movie they are asking you about. i.e. "Mom, do you like *friend's name*?" Me: "'s ...well, she is kind *insert any other word*" That is way tougher to be honest in that situation.