Sunday, January 26, 2014

TToT Week 32

So…I am not feeling this list at all today but I know it’s good for me so I will be brief in my intro and possibly/probably briefer (yes, I am certain that is a word) in my list.

My non-numbered list.


I am thankful that:

That we thought the water heater only needed re-lit. It fired back up and we thought we were set. Unfortunately the next morning there was water all over the floor and the water was ice-cold. The thankfulness in this is that:
  • the plumber we have used in the past was available to come that same day (Friday).
  • and he was able to replace the hot water heater.
  • we had the money in savings to pay for it.
  • we now have hot water again.
  • the water on the floor didn’t make it to the wood flooring Mr. Always Random put down last year (and thereby damaging it).
  • I had the genius  idea when he put down the flooring to just put down new vinyl instead of the wood in the furnace room.
  • I had a steam mop to mop up all the stuff tracked into the house during the switching of the water-heater.
OK, that’s all I have about that on the water heater. But wait…there’s more to the week. This list above was just for Friday.

I am also thankful :
  • That Aldi is such an amazing grocery store. I spend under $50/week for groceries for the four of us…including lots of fresh fruit and veggies.
  • That I found a use for all, ok maybe not ALL but some of, the pulp from the juicing experiment. Maybe not an ideal use, but still a use. And I’m working on an adjustment to the recipe to reduce the sugar.
  • That the soccer team managers meeting to set the game schedule for the spring season is over.
  • And that the weather on the way wasn’t too I even got in a bonus work-out in for my arms due to the horrificly-windy conditions on the interstate. Phew.
  • Saturday morning cleanings of the house…in which EVERYONE does their part.
  • Time to read…working my way (much more quickly than “The Book Thief”) through “Olive Kitteridge”. Something of a depressing book, I think…but fingers crossed for an uplifting ending. If you’ve read it, don’t say a word.

And with that, I assume that’s probably at least ten so I am out of here. I did some more juicing and that carrot pulp is begging me to make another cake. Wish me luck on my revised recipe!


  1. wow what a time with the heater! BUmmer but cool that it worked out...things usually do one way or another we always adjust to what happens... that in itself is my biggest bit of gratitude most days! Left a note on your other post but will repeat ...way to find a way to use the pulp...the cake looked great!

    1. Yes, adjustment in attitude is always the biggest bit.

      Thanks...the cake was great. Better than the revision, but the revision is still very edible. :)

  2. ACK! That business with the heater truly sucks. Bah humbug. I hope it remains resolved now, and good call on the flooring.

    Glad your Saturday morning cleanings are an all-in effort. I need to organise something like that!

    YAY for the cake. When I made parsnip wine and had lots of boiled parsnip left over, I made cake. Cake is good. It works :D Hope the adjusted recipe works out for ya :D

    1. Yes, it was not a good day but things are better now. And we really could not do without the glad we had the money to cover it!

      And yes, yeah for cake!

  3. Oh, water heater woes. . . not fun! I'm glad you've got it replaced and the floor wasn't damaged.

  4. Bummer about the water heater....but PRAISE and huge THANKFULS about the plumber, laminate floors (instead of wood) and money to pay for it! Yahoo!

    I need an Aldi here. We believe in supporting our local stores (as much as we can) and they aren't always the best price. So..there's that.

    Also, way to power through even though you weren't feeling it. Sometimes I push through "not feeling it" and sometimes I choose not to. So, way to go!

    1. Yes, I totally get the desire to support local and would like to do that, but just don't feel like it's in the budget.

      Thanks...not my best work, but was really trying to turn around my attitude. :)

  5. Ugh - water heater! Appliances and all that nonsense are definitely the less impressive side of home ownership.

    You know, we have an Aldi and I've never been there.

    And I think many of us weren't feeling too chipper this week, but managed to plod through and get it done!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Yes, there are many times I wish we had an apartment. Home ownership is not what it's cracked up to be!

      You should try the Aldi..just remember a quarter for your shopping cart (which you will get back when you return the cart) and shopping bags (otherwise you have to buy them...I think they cost like 10 cents each).

      Have a fabulous week!

  6. I live in fear that our hot water heater will go out. I don't know what the life span of one is, but ours is at least 16 years old and it's huge, because the previous owners installed it when they put in the big whirlpool tub in our bathroom. I'm glad your story had a few silver linings, the most important being you weren't without hot water for more than a day (what a first world problem, huh?). Well, and that the wood floor wasn't ruined. Your insurance company should be thanking you for that one.

    Aldi is the BEST. I buy everything I can there. Ours blew away in the tornado (and they had just moved into a new building not long before), and I drove 30 miles to go to Aldi in another town until ours was rebuilt.

    Maybe you should get some chickens, so you can feed them the by-product of your juicing experiment....

    1. Well, I hate to tell you that the life span is about 10-12 years, according to our plumber. This is the second replacement we have had in 9 years...the first was under warranty. The second one wasn't. But now this one is...but hoping we won't need to replace it for a LONG time. Fingers crossed for you!

      Yes, I would drive 30 minutes for an Aldi, now that I have embraced it.

      I would LOVE to have chickens, but our HOA has a rule against them. I've already checked and because I checked I am certain to be on their "radar". Plus we have a major coyote problem in our area so they would be toast without a coop...but that is a good idea otherwise!

  7. yeah, bad on the water heater, but nice to see decisions (in the past) being proven to be totally smart (sometime in the future)…oh wait that makes this the future! cool.

    I'm with Kari and the others, to write a TToT list in the context of the week you describe here? muy impressivo!

    1. Thanks...not my best work, but trying to turn around my attitude! :) It does help, for sure!

  8. Very good that the water heater could be replaced so quickly. A house of stinky boys is not something anyone wants to live through. :)

    Glad you are finding some uses for the pulp.

    Ack, am I going to have to go to Aldi's? I was wondering why I haven't seen you at Meijer in a while.

    Glad you are getting your reading done (but that is most certainly not the book we are reading!) How's the writing going? Yes, I'm checking up on your resolution.

    1. No, nobody wants that for sure.

      Yes, you must go to Aldi. It's where all the cool kids go. OK, maybe not ALL, but some of us have found our way there.

      Oh, yes I am most certainly reading "Beloved Disciple" too...that's my Bible Study so I wasn't counting it as my "reading ten minutes per day"...but thanks for checking.

    2. Notice I did not mention my writing...because it's not happening much. I haven't felt like writing and so I haven't. I don't know what's wrong...I will get out of it. I know I need to make myself. Just in a funk for some reason. Thanks for checking. I really am glad. :)

  9. You did great with this for someone who wasn't sure they could come up with TToT! I think you've most definitely won the "turn a bummer into a blessing" award for this week with "a bonus work-out in for my arms due to the horrifically-windy conditions on the interstate." That one totally made me smile! So glad for you that the water heater wasn't a total catastrophe, I've had that happen before too. Especially loved everyone pitching in with housecleaning on Saturdays, that sure brought back memories of childhood, and I wish I still had my kids home to pitch in now! Finding time for more reading is something I'm still working on, good for you for doing it! I'm believing that next week we're all going to be ready with lots of great stuff to share, right?! :-)

    1. Thanks, Josie. Yes, next week will be better for sure. Thanks for the encouragement! Have a fabulous week!

  10. I'm thankful for plumbers too. We had a toilet replaced last week (long story). Cheers to having your hot water back! I agree with all of the other commenters that you have way more than 10 (hot water alone is worth 10) and that this is an excellent choice for showcasing your thankful. Here's a a great week this week (ours was less than ideal last week as well).

  11. Ok I received an error when I commented. I apologize if you now get two from me.
    Here's to plumbers - we had a toilet replaced last week so I'm thankful for them right now as well. And YAY to having your hot water back - that's a big one and worth at least 10 thankfuls in itself. I agree with the others that this is a most excellent way to format your thankfuls and hope you have a great week this week (our last week was less than ideal as well).