Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday With More Than A Few Words of Thanks

So I started out this blogging thing because a sweet friend encouraged me to do so. I am still not entirely certain what she saw in my writing but she thought others would enjoy it.

Basically I did this whole thing so that people would tell me I was great and a publisher would discover me and I would have a book deal within months.

Clearly that has not happened.

And that is fine with me. I actually don't know what I would do if that happened.

BUT if you do happen to know or work for a publisher and think I may have what it takes to make big bucks at writing, please be in touch. I don't want to shut any doors, you understand. point in all this was that I didn't get into writing a blog as a way to make friends. I mean, that seems a little crazy, considering I have no over-arching topic (for example infertility, adoption, homeschooling, cooking, crafting, etc.) What would make someone want to stick around day after day, week after week?

And yet, I have managed to attract a few followers.

And from that, I have begun to follow others.

And sometimes those lists overlap.

This has been the case with Kari, aka Miss Bloggypants. She's funny and warm and all those things you want in a friend.

And she is my friend.

And yet we've never met.

And being as how she's a friend and either a) has Gifts as a love language or b) was paying attention when I said Gifts were MY love language or c) is just super-nice and wanted to send me a gift or d) all of the above...she sent me a gift.

Yes, she did. I gave her my address. And she gave me hers. (Fingers-crossed that she doesn't turn out to be a stalker.)

So...since this is supposed to be "Wordless Wednesday" I shall cut to the chase (kind of...don't expect too much from me...I am still me)...I think you can all tell how fabulous I think she is, right?

If you don't get it by what I've said, just go check out her blog. You'll see it too.

All this rambling to say, on Monday, I got a package in the mail. It had these lovelies drawn on the outside:

This is a picture of Piper and Henry...her dogs. They have their own FB page, just like Indy.
And yes, the dogs are friends on FB. Don't judge us.

I hated to open it because I didn't want to ruin all the hard work by her daughter Gillian. Didn't she do a fabulous job of drawing all those pictures?!? She's only 11...I am beyond impressed with her skills.

So once I did open the paper (notice I did so very carefully!), I found this inside.

I do have small feet, but no, she did not send me a pair of girl's shoes
So I opened it to find this:

And since I am a good little rule-follower, I did read it first. And didn't open the gift until it gave me permission.

So once I opened the tissue, I found this:

 And Kari felt like it was meant to be (I tend to agree) is from her home state (that's the requirement which started her quest, actually, that it be from her state)...and the fact that it has my name on it (spelled correctly I might add) and is CHOCOLATE. It was God's Hand, for sure.

OK, Kari didn't say that...I may be embellishing a bit...but I'm certain that's what she meant.

And I also found this in the box:

I know it's difficult to tell because I am not a skilled photographer but it is a decorated paper towel roll. Isn't it cute? Gillian even decorated that too...what a talented girl she is!

But wait! There's more! INSIDE the tube was THIS:

How fabulous is this?!? I mentioned to Kari a couple weeks ago that her daughter should try to draw Indy; as evidenced by the pictures above, she's got Piper & Henry down pat.

And I, for one, think she got Indy totally perfect...from the underbite to the fluffy tail. And I'm certain that you all agree.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kari and Gillian! And a Merry, Merry Christmas to you too!

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  1. How sweet is that! Unexpected presents in the mail are so fun. That Gillian is one talented girl.

  2. This has been killing me...the anticipation! (I may checked the USPA tracking on the package a several 100 times...) I love that you love it!

    So...first thing I do when my alarm goes off in the morning is grab my phone and start checking email, the weather,'s not that I am so addicted to it as much as it is "my waking up"'s my "I don't want to get out of bed just yet". So this morning, I see that you posted this and I read...and smiled....and read....and smiled. Could not get that smile off my face! I love this!

    I also love that you took pictures step by step of the process of you opening it! Love! (I was also going to add a note to tell you that I did NOT spend the $38 or whatever that shoe box says on it... so did not spend that much on a pair of shoes my daughter would grow out of in a month! ...phew...that's off my chest! ha!)

    ..and you are not embellishing..."it was God's hand.."IS what I meant. This package had your name all over it... literally...and figuratively! ;)

    I love this ...and makes me smile from ear to ear! **

    1. *checked USPS tracking *sheesh!* I don't even know what USPA stands for...United States Pet Association? ???

      also, YOU'RE WELCOME! ;) Can't wait to share this post with Gillian.

  3. That is so sweet - surprise gifts are great. All those personal, homemade touches are even greater. So yeah, what a boon to gain a friend from something that wasn't intended to do that.

    Did I seriously just use "boon" in a sentence? WTH.

  4. I LOVE THIS! A by-product of blogging that I never expected was the friendships.