Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Want a Six-Pack

10yo: Mom, I have decided that I want a 6-pack.

Me: Yeah, well, me too, Darling.

Yes, I am certain you are wondering to which one I am referring. Perhaps it’s both. Don't judge.

10yo: No, really I do. And you know how I’m going to get it?

Me: No idea. How?

(And if you figure out a quick and easy way, please be sure to let me know. I am not above making a buck off my child; no worries, I'd put some of it away for him to have when he turns 21.)

10yo: From you.

(Wrong answer, Dude...)

Me: From me?

10yo: Yeah…you already have a 6-pack so I need you to show me how to get one.

Clearly the child has my washing-machine abs (and yes, I totally meant to say washing machine instead of washboard…the washing machine is round and always ready to be filled up…hence the washing machine analogy) confused with something he saw in the fridge.

It’s bound to happen.