Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Always Random Family Christmas Letter Quiz Answers

First of all, thank you for playing along and visiting the blog! It means so much to us that you would care enough to take the time.  And since you've been such a good sport, I will not delay you any further...here are the answers to our Christmas Letter Quiz: 

January:  A (Does this really need an explanation? Who hasn’t experienced a post-holiday slump of sorts? If nothing else, you have to come down off the constant sugar high. In addition, of course the decorations had to come down before January 1, otherwise it is bad luck!)

February: D (I had a tough time coming up with anything in February…not even going back and looking at my Google calendar helped me!)

March:  B (However if you guessed A, you receive partial credit, as the “for a sassy mouth” was meant to throw you off track, and might have been a possibility had he attended public school; but he is a sweet and compassionate boy and it was his idea to not get gifts from his friends on his birthday…though some people brought donations as well as a gift, so he did not go without.)

April: A (Yes, we went a little nuts beginning in April and continuing right through May, with all the games a practices; we’d never let either boy play more than one sport at a time and made the mistake of going back on that in a moment of weakness. Also, D is partially true (we DID begin taking ASL classes), but didn’t have the staying power and ended up dropping out about halfway through…slackers.

May: D (Yes, we did finished up school in the middle of May, and yes, they did have to continue math just a couple days/week throughout the summer. I have to maintain my “Meanest Mom Ever” status somehow! And yes, we were all quite thankful when the sports seasons ended.)

June: C (Yes, the oldest child turned 12 on the first day of our 2-week western adventure, and got to have his picture taken at the I-80 Truck stop in Iowa. Who else can say that?!? We traveled with my parents, and we all went together in one mini-van. And we all survived to tell the tale.)

July: C and D are both right (Sorry that was another trick question. And I don’t really have much to add to that…the answers are pretty straight-forward. If you’re looking for depth, this blog is not for you.)

August: A (We had been thinking about it and praying about it for a while, and in the spring decided to begin the process; it took from June through August to get it all done, but we are licensed and just waiting for kiddos to be placed with us! We are excited to give kids a safe place to stay while their parents are getting their lives back on track, so their kids can come home.)

September: A and D (Sorry another trick question…Mrs. Always Random was at the end of her rope more than once regarding this team, and Mr. Always Random was so kind to not tell her “I told you so”…at least in September. He did in both August and October, but never in September.)

October: D (Yes, we were all kind of thankful for soccer to be over; we love to watch him play but a break from it is always kind of nice too. This is the first time the oldest child has signed up to play basketball in a league, and it is the youngest child’s 3rd year. Mr. Always Random has coached basketball in the past, but never one of the PBA, so that is something new and fun for him.)

November: D (It should be mentioned that Mr. Always Random also had a birthday in November, turning 43, but there’s really nothing special about that so we didn’t even make mention of it in the letter. Plus his mom did a fabulous job of telling everyone at church that it was his birthday.  And yes, his birthday fell on a Sunday, so he got lots of birthday wishes from people he doesn’t really know. Kind of like Facebook, only live and in person…and who wouldn’t love that?)

December: D (We know that Santa and his elves get plenty of attention this time of year, as do parties, and fabulous food, and special events. And even though we know we won’t do it perfectly, we plan to be intentional this Christmas about our celebration of our Savior’s birth, and pray the same for you and your family. God bless!)

Thanks so much for playing along and visiting the blog for all the answers, as well as a little bit more information.

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 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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