Monday, December 2, 2013

The Always Random Family Christmas Letter 2013

In lieu of a traditional Christmas letter this year, we opted to give you a short little quiz to see if you’ve been paying attention, or to determine if you at least know us a little bit:

In January:
A) We roused ourselves out of our post-holiday stupor and continued on with our everyday lives, after taking down all displays of Christmas prior to January 1.
B) We decided to keep the tree up, as it would mean one less thing to do come next Christmas (and who doesn’t like to check things off a list, right?)
C) We all made a conscious decision to become Civil War Re-enactors.
D) All of the above.

In February:
A) We had a record snowfall here in Greenwood of more than 10 feet and made a toboggan run off the roof of our house.
B) We had zero snowfall.
C) The youngest child scored the record number of points ever scored in a game on his water polo team.
D) None of the above.

In March: The youngest child turned
A) 8 and was sent to the principal’s office 5 times for a sassy mouth.
B) 10 and for his birthday party, asked his friends to bring food for a local food pantry instead of gifts for him.
C) 12 and enrolled in a local Community College.
D) 14 and lobbied for (and got) his driver’s license two years early.

In April:
A) Both boys began games for their lacrosse teams, and the oldest child’s travel soccer games began as well.
B) The boys sat us (Mrs. Always Random & Mr. Always Random) down and told us the truth about the Easter Bunny.
C) We had no April Showers (and therefore no May Flowers).
D) As a family we all began taking ASL (American Sign Language) classes from a friend at church; we now teach others who want to learn.

In May:
A) We all ran the Mini-Marathon…backwards.
B) The PBA (Parker Brothers Academy) finished school for the year…except for math which their evil teacher made them continue to do throughout summer break.
C) We breathed a sigh of relief that both soccer and lacrosse were over for the season (which kind of give you a hint about the April question, should you be paying attention).
D) Both B & C

In June: Oldest child turned
A) 10 and we all went on an Alaskan Cruise for 2 weeks; in addition, the oldest child attended a martial arts camp, while the youngest child attended a synchronized swimming camp.
B) 11 and we went to Europe for 2 weeks; in addition, the oldest child attended a space exploration camp, while the youngest child attended chef school.
C) 12 and we all went on a 2-week trip out West for 2 weeks; in addition, the oldest child attended a Robotics Camp, while the youngest child attended a Science vs. Sci-Fi Camp.
D) 13 and we sent him on a month-long trip into the wilderness to see if he could survive on his own (and good news: he came back!); in addition, the oldest child attended an underwater basket-weaving camp, while the youngest child attended a knife skills camp.

In July:
A) We went to the pool so much that we were red as lobsters and then peeled for the rest of the summer.
B) We almost set the house on fire with clearance fireworks on July 5th.
C) The boys went with their church youth group on a Middle School Retreat called “Finding Bigfoot”.
D) The oldest child attended an Arts Camp at the Indiana State Museum.

In August:
A) We completed the process to do foster care in our home and received our license.
Mrs. Always Random ran a full marathon while blindfolded and twirling a baton.
Mr. Always Random did a “Tough Mudder” event…and did not die.
D) The boys hijacked an ice cream truck because we would never let them buy anything from it.

In September:
A) Mrs. Always Random just about lost her ever-lovin’ mind acting as the manager of the oldest child’s soccer team (and some people might say that she did, in fact, lose it…but that’s a story for another time).
B) The oldest child received a Gold Medal for Archery, which he practiced often in the backyard.
C) The youngest child learned that he can coax wildlife out of the woods merely by using his whistle.
D) Mr. Always Random held his tongue and didn’t tell Mrs. Always Random, “I told you so,” regarding her not-well-thought-out decision to manage the oldest child’s soccer team.

In October:
A) The oldest child’s soccer season came to an end.
B) Both boys got signed up to play winter basketball, and Mr. Always Random signed up to coach.
C) Both boys enrolled in Christian Youth Theater classes: "Stunts and Combat" on stage
D) All of the above.

In November: Mrs. Always Random turned *40*
A) And demanded that the family have a party for her.
B) In spite of the fact that she continues to brainwash her children into saying that she’s 27.
C) And received quite a haul of chocolate, in addition to several other lovely gifts, from her friends and family.
All of the above.

In December: We plan to
A) Support the boys as they are on Backstage Crew for the Christian Youth Theater’s performance of “Narnia”
B) Gorge ourselves on Christmas cookies and other lovely treats
C) Celebrate the birthday of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
D) All of the above.

Thank you so much for taking the time to take this quiz. For all the answers, please search my blog for the post entitled “Christmas Letter Quiz Answers.” 

BTW, if you want to score a perfect 10 next year, you might want to consider reading the blog a little bit more often…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love and blessings,

The Always Random Family

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  1. Oh my goodness what a FUN christmas letter! loved it! Now I need to think back since I know I have read your blog for this whole year. I'll answer tomorrow. Tonight however I will go back and re read the entire blog just so I can win! hahaha!