Thursday, December 26, 2013

Like, You Know?

Nope, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with Christmas.

I'm sure the title did not lead you to believe that it was...I am simply clarifying that for you.

Yes, today is the day after Christmas. But I am not going to talk about Christmas today. Not for any other reason than simply that I am not.

Lest you be confused, no, no, nothing happened about which I cannot speak.

If we're being truthful (and I always aim to be...truthful, that is) and because it is the day after Christmas and I am tired (even though I am actually writing this on Monday...I am tired on Monday too, and suspect I will be on Thursday as well...and also it's why I can't write about anything happening ON Christmas, because it hasn't happened yet at the time I am putting figurative pen to paper...don't judge), I shall cut it short with that.

Today's post simply has to do with how you talk...I've been meaning to address this with you.

So, not to stress you out, but there are two parts to this post. They don't really go together, but they do kind of relate in a linguistic sort of way. It's a theme stretched thin...please just go with it.

And do these in whichever order suits you.

One is a video for your enjoyment...but it does point fingers at some people.

I'll own it.

It points a finger at me. You know what I mean? (Watch the video and you'll understand why I say that...)

The other part is a quiz. No is pretty stress-less. You'll know all the answers. I promise. It has to do with what words to you use to describe certain things. And for my friends across the pond, I don't know what it will do for you, because it's specifically set up for the US, so your responses may not be listed as options...but PLEASE give it a go anyway. Please.

Nothing like a shameless beg, right? (Again, that "right?" will be funny after you watch the video).

The second part is the quiz; I'd love to hear your answers...well, not your answers, exactly, but how it scores you.  And just so you know, Mr. Always Random scored exactly where we live. I did not...and yet we have both lived here our entire lives. I guess I'm just around more worldly people and I have picked up on their verbage.

We'll go with that.

All that to say: Enjoy!

So...without further ado, HERE is the link to the quiz.

And here is the video:

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  1. Spot on, ya know? Here are my results:

    1. hmmm, not sure if that link actually goes to MY results or not. I can't figure out how to post MY results. But, it came up Lincoln, Des Moines and Grand Rapids. Since I'm only an hour from Lincoln, I'd say it was pretty much spot on.

  2. I took that before, and the results came up the same. And interestingly (given the landing point) I came up as New york, Yonkers and Jersey City...there may yet be sense in the game...

  3. Well, this put me in the area of Philadelphia, Yonkers, and New York. I'm within an hour of those, so not really surprised. I probably could've told you that would be my dialect without the quiz. Good one - very fun!