Monday, November 11, 2013

Hip and Trendy

Nothing makes one feel young, hip and trendy like someone else telling you that they like an article of clothing or an accessory you're wearing.

"What? Oh this old thing? It's just a little something I threw on. But thank you so much."

But on the inside you're practically beaming with pride that you chose something that at least one other person on this planet thinks looks cute (and we all know that I am all about looking least in my own mind).

The situation is even better when the person not only likes it but shares with you that they have the very same thing.

Nothing says "compliment" like a copy-cat, right? Or something like's what my mom used to tell me when people would mock me in middle school. I don't think that's really the same thing...nor do I think it's true. 

But I digress.

I must admit that the feeling given from the compliment is somewhat different when the compliment giver the is the daughter of your friend. Sure, it's still someone on the planet who is like-minded as you and finds the same thing to be cute, but still...there's a line, right?

Oh...and the girl is nine years old. 

"I LOVE those shoes! They're so cute! I have some just like them!"

To add insult to your injury, you open your mouth and speak beyond simply saying "Thank you."

You hear the following sentence coming out of your mouth and there's nothing at all you can do to stop it. You may actualy grasp at the air in an effort to stuff the words back in. 

"Thanks! I'm not surprised because these are actually kid's shoes."

Wow...really? You just told everyone within earshot that not only do you dress LIKE a nine year old girl, you also wear children's shoes.

If that's not hip and trendy, I'm just really not sure what is.

Yes, these are my actual shoes.
And yes, I took a picture of them before I ever wore them because I was showing 
my recent purchase to a friend. 
And no, this friend is an adult...and she's even older than me, thank you very much.


  1. Well, I, for one, think they are VERY cool!!! I would definitely wear them ... aside from the fact they have no support and my ole flat feet would rebel wearing them for long periods of time. I would like to have seven different colors of Chuck Taylor's if my budget (& feet) would allow it. I saw a show one time where Ellen DeGeneres (or wait, maybe it was a magazine article?) was giving a tour of her house. I was really envious of her SHOE collection!

    1. Yes, they offer no support and it is probably on purpose to keep those of us who are *ahem*...older...from wearing them. Although I will tell you that I "splurged" for some very inexpensive (and I had a coupon...shocking) Dr. Scholl's inserts in my Chucks...and they helped a TON.

  2. Just consider it one of the perks of being on the not so tall side. I wouldn't be able to wear them if I wanted to. OH! And kids' shoes are cheaper than adults'. Celebrate it!

    1. I know kid's shoes are cheaper but they are not always as durable, it seems...I know that sounds like a complaint but it's not meant to be. My point is that I can't have it all! :)

  3. At least she wasn't 79 and admiring your SAS shoes.