Sunday, October 20, 2013

TToT Week 2 Day 2: Clifty Falls Edition

OK, so we made it back from our trip to beautiful Clifty Falls. Big fun was had by all in the great outdoors; so much so that I have a second list…and I can even link it up by myself! A huge thanks to Miss Bloggypants for her assistance linking me up to the TToT Hop yesterday!

Indy has an especially lovely time. It was his first camping trip. Little does he know it may be his last. Here’s what he posted on Facebook about the trip:

“For those of you who were concerned, I managed to make it back safe and sound from my camping trip. And not to worry, courtesy of my incessant barking, I saved my people (AND another family too) from NUMEROUS possible attacks by diabolical children on bicycles, unseemly families going on hikes, and God only knows how many hoards of ferocious beasts who were skulking about in the tree line.

Doesn't he just scream "Outdoor Dog"?

1. So, Indy’s “protection” is my first item of thankfulness. What would have ever done without him to keep us safe?

And here’s my succinct list of the remaining items:

2. Thankful for nicer bathrooms than any other time we camped. The bathhouse was new and clean and had outlets so not only could I blow dry and curl my hair, but I could also charge my phone while I was getting cleaned up. (For the record, we did “primitive” sites this time, which meant no electrical hook-up. So glad we did because it was ALL RVs on the electrical side…and they were VERY noisy (as one could imagine).

3. Thankful to set up our camp quickly and easily, all still in the daylight AND without anyone yelling while we did it. (Tear-down was another story but it was in the morning and it was raining and everything was soaking wet)

4. Thankful for no dog puke in the car…in addition to his many marketable attributes, Indy gets car sick. But apparently we fed him early enough in the day that by the time we got in the car to travel, his stomach was finished digesting and he didn’t get sick.

5. Thankful for time with friends…both for us and Indy. 

Indy's friend Archie

6. Thankful for lots of blankets because we (obviously) could not turn on a space heater as we had done in the past.

7. & 8. Thankful that my 12yo carried a skittish and somewhat-blind Indy up all the stairs when we went hiking. Indy’s not too keen on stairs (we don't have any in our house so he's not all that confident on them...I really should have video-taped it for a little comic-relief for you-all), and he's especially terrible on ones that are open or “unfinished” in style. He kept trying to go THROUGH the steps. Oh, and did I mention that the dog was wet and muddy? The 12yo hardly complained about the mud, although he did have me hold his jacket…he was worried that the dog’s nails would put a hole in it. (As an aside, look at all that maturity and forethought from the 12yo; that’s another item of thankfulness right there, folks!)

9. Thankful that even though I didn't bring enough junk food snacks and all we had by Friday night were healthy carrots green peppers and broccoli…but nobody complained. At least when I was within earshot. That is a first.

10. Thankful that I gave NyQuil to my 12yo for the first time because he was coughing at bedtime but he didn't have the post-NyQuil hangover (which concerns me for later on in life, but that's an issue for another time). It didn’t even occur to me that it could be an option until he’d swallowed it…and clearly by then it was too late to do anything about it.

11. Thankful to try a new delicacy: roasted Starburst (yes, you read that right…roasted Starburst). They are just as they sound...Starburst stuck on a stick and put into the fire until bubbling. (And we're excited for the next camping opportunity when we can try roasted Tootsie Rolls...because how much better could THOSE be?)

12. Thankful that we made it home with the same number of people (and dogs) we took.

Lucky 13. Thankful that the rain didn't start until Saturday morning at 7:30 and even though we had to pack up everything in the rain and then spread it out in the front yard, back yard and garage yesterday afternoon (I say “we” but Mr. Always Random took care of it…I was on laundry and unpacking duty inside…lest you be concerned that I was sitting around on my bum. I’m like that you know…), it could have been worse and rained the entire time. See, it's really about the little things.

I’m sure there’s lots of other things I could include, but frankly I need to rest for a minute…all this Fall Break is starting to wear me out!

Have a fabulous day!


  1. Glad you had such a fabulous time :) Well done to the 12 y/o for looking after Indy so well :)

    Enjoy relaxing and being back amongst your creature comforts :)

    1. Thanks...we will. Nothing like some time without creature comforts to make one appreciate them a little bit more. :)

  2. Camping is one of the most labor-intensive vacations, even after returning home--but it is a lot of fun, too. Never heard of roasted Starburst; you're right, there must be other variations on the theme that would also be good.

    1. Yes, I had never heard of the roasted Starburst either...but they really are quite tasty, if you ever have the chance to try them I highly encourage it!

  3. I don't believe that I have been camping since I was 12... you make it sound like fun. (Not to appear too limited, I did spend a few years living in a fishing boat (when on trips) and there we worked and slept in our clothes and cooked on a an oil fired I guess that's kind of like camping).
    Good that it went well and that your dog had a good time. (lol my focus does tend towards the canine-centric, no?)

    1. Living in a fishing boat...doesn't sound like fun to me. Case in point: to each his own, right?

      Yes, Indy had a lovely time, and got to sniff all sorts of new and exciting things. Although, I will say that he did spend most of yesterday afternoon and all of the evening in his crate after we got home...not because we put him there, but because he chose to be there. I think he missed it when we were gone. Ironically we had a camping version of the crate that we took with us but he did not care for it one bit. He, like the rest of us, knows what he likes. :)

  4. I am thankful that there are people like you who love camping, because then the pressure is off of me.

    1. Dyanne...I am so disappointed! I was going to ask you to come camping with me next week-end! You, and Lizzi, and Christine and would be a rip-roaring time, for sure! :)

    2. We will all be waiting for you at the nearest hotel.

  5. I know the dogs would LOVE to go camping with us, but.... yeah, I think I would find myself wanting to hurt the one because I just know she would be a big, fat, giant BRAT! They would LOVE the sniffing though! But, Piper would bark and just not be able to 'chill' at all. She lacks the ability to just "chill" (remember my video of bratty Piper? yeah.)

    I am picturing you tearing down in the rain....I am betting your blow-dried 'n curled hair wasn't so great after all that. I bet the clean up/drying out was awesome. *sarcasm* I'm too much of a wimp --- no camping for me. Kudos to you!!

  6. I was thinking about you and the weather together. You really lucked out with the weather on this trip!
    Glad to hear all the humans had fun, and the canine contingent found some good times, too.
    Roasted Starburst? I don't know about that...

  7. You are the second person I've seen with a second TTOT list. How wonderful! No dog puke is definitely something to be thankful for.