Monday, October 21, 2013

Dating Myself

In the car this afternoon my 10yo began singing. This was not a surprise because he sings quite a bit. 

But I was surprised at what it was that he was singing. And (surprisingly) not because it was bad or inappropriate. 

Nor was it "What Does the Fox Say?" (Thank the Lord for that!)

So I asked him, "Where did you hear that song?"

10yo: From Raving Rabids.

I should have known.

Me: Do you know what it's called?" 

I prepared to drop some knowledge on the PBA. They love it when I do that. They may not admit it but we all know it's true.

10yo: Not a clue.

Me: It's called "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go". It was originally done by a band named Wham! in 1984. 

I remembered this because I got it on cassette tape. Along with the Ghostbusters soundtrack.

(When we got home, I Googled it just to make sure I remembered correctly: "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" came out in May 1984 and Ghostbusters came out in June of the same year.  Boo-yah...I was right.)

10yo: " then that song is about 30 years old? Wow..."

Me: Well I suppose you could look at it that way if you wanted to. Which I don't...

So here it is...because I know you're already singing it in your head. Feel free to sing along.

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  1. Total silliness! ...and I hope the PBA were not too scarred by the short shorts and tan legs...'cuz I know that even 30 years later, I still am a little...

  2. I had that wham album on vinyl.....does that make me more dated than you?

    1. Yes, yes it does...nevermind the fact that you turn 40 about a month after I a few years. :)

  3. Thanks for that. No, really. I really hoped I would get a song from the '80s stuck in my head just before going to that it will still be there in the morning... ;) Actually, I've had that same conversation about various songs with both of my kids over the years!

  4. Oh that is awesome. What a great blast from the past! I remember those songs...and cassettes...very well. My first album on cassette was Air Supply's Greatest Hits.

  5. When my daughter was about 10, she was in the backseat, singing (as she often was). I wasn't paying that much attention, but when I zeroed in on the song, I realized she was singing Amy Winehouse "Rehab." Have no idea where she ever heard it, because we don't even have cable.