Thursday, October 24, 2013

Photo Shoot

So…I know it’s only October but it feels like time is running short for Christmas card pictures.

True, true…I have had the cards done for months (Since March, to be exact…you can see them HERE if you’d like). But the photo is typically something you want to wait on if at all possible. Especially when the kids change (and GROW!) like they do at their current ages.

Plus, I may have been waiting a little bit, just in case we actually had some foster kiddos living with us. I know it wouldn’t necessarily be permanent, but it might be nice to look back at a picture or two and remember “that year that so and so lived with us”.

Not to romanticize it in any way, because I know that when it happens it will most assuredly NOT be a cake walk. But at this point it feels like it will never even happen.

I’m actually sure that it will but I am not patient. Nor will I pray for patience, because then God will give me ample opportunity to BE patient. I know I should (part of the Fruit of the Spirit and all) but I am refusing to ask. Or desire it in any way.

Isn’t that mature of me?

Anyway…the PBA have been asking about Family Pictures. As in “Did we take family pictures this year?”

Me: Ummm…no, not really. (We actually did take some on vacation this summer but that was months ago and my 12yo has grown about 4 inches since then..ok, maybe not quite THAT much but close to it.)

Them: Well, are we going to?”

Clearly this is some sort of benchmark for them and while I do not want to disappoint, I frankly do not know when we could get it together to do. Sure there are only four of us, but it is rare that we are all in the same place at the same time, during daylight hours (I prefer outdoor shots if you can get them…I’m certain you understand.)

So instead of trying to get the four of us together, I borrowed my dad’s camera to snap some shots of just the PBA.

I knew that the day was going to be sunny and not too chilly, so I decided that today would be the day. I warned them when they got up that such plans had been added to the docket for the day (they often will ask what the schedule is…I like that about them…but since it is Fall Break (at least through Wednesday it is…remember that we’re only getting one week and we took Thursday & Friday for camping? I'm certain you could you forget something so important as that?!?), and we don’t have too much going on, I thought some fair warning was due.

Plus I didn’t want them making their own plans in their minds and then being upset when I changed them. I don’t blame them; I’d be upset too.

Anyway…I told them that we were going to take pictures this morning and that showers needed to be taken; not too much complaint was made, although I did hear, “But my hair doesn’t really feel greasy…why do I have to take a shower?”

My reply: Because I said so.

(Insert eyeroll here…but he did shower.)

I also told them where we were going to take the pictures: in the woods behind our house. “And the two of you are going to coordinate.”

That’s where I apparently lost the PBA.

12yo: I’m going to wear my jeans and my brown plaid shirt. Will that be ok?

Me: Sure…that sounds great. Very fall-like.

10yo: So mom…can I just wear a black t-shirt with my camo pants?

Me: What?

10yo: Can I just wear a black t-shirt with my camo pants? Since I don’t really have a camo shirt…

Me: You’re not wearing camo for the Christmas card picture.

10yo: But…!!!! (He was too angry to finish the sentence…and commenced with a small bit of stomping)

(Insert light bulb moment here for me)

If you have not seen Despicable Me, you truly must. One of my all-time favoritest movies ever…and I am certain that “favoritest” is a word, regardless of the red squiggly line underneath it.

Me: No, no, no…you will coordinate with EACH OTHER…not the woods. I apologize for the confusion.

12yo: Well, that DOES make more sense (I never could get a read on him, but his brown plaid shirt may have also been an attempt to coordinate with the woods…)


And while I did capture one photo which will suffice for the Christmas card photo (and I did not include it here so you can have the joy of experiencing it come December), I also captured a lot more: brotherly love.


  1. Ha! I don't know if I would have figured that one out. Awesome photos and a great place to take them.

    1. I speak PBA...scary isn't it?

      Thanks...the woods behind us really are lovely...I shall miss them when the lying snakes who told us they would be there "forever" tear them down. But I digress...and no, I'm not bitter at all.