Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ten Things of Thankful: Week 15

Ten Things of Thankful

I wish I could be more creative with the format/theme/etc of my lists. But as yet I am not. They are just lists. I try to bring in the creativity of what I am actually thankful for…counts for something, right?

So, because I am not one to dilly-dally (especially when it is after 9...shock! The horror!), here is my list for Saturday:

1. Vision insurance…last year we spent WAY too much on glass for me and the 12yo. I took the PBA to the eye doctor this week. And this year, for what amounts for a nominal sum, we sprung for vision coverage. So the thankfulness here is two-fold. I could afford to have the 10yo’s eyes checked (I think it had been about 5 years since we’d done that…he wasn’t squinting or complaining of headaches, so I didn’t worry about it) and his eyes were 20/20. And the other part is that the 12yo was content with just getting new lenses put in his frames. So our total at the doctor was very little.

2. Free nail polish samples…true, true, not my usual colors (pretty pale and a little blah when I’m being perfectly honest)…but again, they were free. Thank you, Physicians 
Formula for sending them in the mail!

3. My back is better…way better. My mother suggested that perhaps it wasn’t the sitting so much as it was the seat I was using for my desk. Remember the desk and chair makeover I did when we moved the computer and such from the office? (Here’s the link, in case you didn’t commit it to memory.) Apparently the chair wasn’t doing the job. Now, after a week of sitting in a straight back chair with no wheels, I have had ZERO back problems.

4. Soccer was canceled due to heat…what else is there to say? An unplanned free evening? Thank you, Lord!

5. Indy’s water spilled all over the laundry room floor…doesn’t seem like a praise but it was. The floor needed a mopping and I have been too negligent to take care of it. And though it wasn’t cleaned with soap, it did get a good wipe-down, which collected quite an assortment of Indy-fur, dust and debris. That's clean enough for the laundry room/dog's room, right?

6. Didn’t break both crocks…I have (ok had) two crockpots…one big one and one smaller one with a crock that can’t be removed. It was one of the last gadget wedding gifts we still had. So…I used the small one this week and after I had washed and dried it (no, I don’t use those crockpot liners…I am still leery of heating up plastic to such high temps and being assured that there isn’t poison being leeched into my food…but maybe that’s just me), I was putting it away. As one might expect, it was going in the same cabinet as the other crock. Unfortunately, as I bent over, my foot slipped and I lost my grip on the crockpot. It clanged into the other crock. Gasp! But only the older one broke; somehow the large crock remained unscathed. Whatever would I do if I was out BOTH crocks at once?!? As an aside, if you have a small crock you’re not using and want to make a donation, I’ll gladly accept it. I’m not too proud to beg.

7. Another $10 coupon from Kohl’s…yes, I got another $10 coupon for Kohl’s. And I really needed (ok, still need) a new pair of shoes for the gym. I had my fingers crossed that I would find some for uber-cheap on clearance at Kohl’s. But alas I did not. However, while I was there, my 12yo was very interested in looking at clothes for himself. Not one to always be interested in such things, I didn’t want to stop him. So we looked. And he actually found a shirt and a pair of jeans he liked. So, I informed him that he could use his own money for such things (He’s sitting on a fat pile of cash, in fact). And because I didn’t find anything for myself, and knew that I wasn’t going to come back again before the coupon expired, I let him use the $10 off. So (drumroll please)…he bought the two items for a total of $6.42 out of pocket. Even he was shocked. “I saved HOW MUCH?”

Yeah, Baby...check out the total saved: $74.00
8. Abbott’s caramels…and that I received a box this week. Did I say “I”? I totally meant “we”…If you’ve ever had these things, you’ll know how fabulous they are. If not, that’s just sad. You should order some (because I’m probably not going to share)…you can order them here. If you need to know MY address, let me know. I like the plain caramels, but would probably like it all; feel free to send whatever you'd like to our house.

9. Sending the 12yo into CVS…I have never done this before. Sent the child into a store with money and a list. And the CVS card, of course. While I waited outside and hoped for the best. We started small. It was two gallons of milk that he had to get; the only stipulations for what he needed to get if either the whole milk or the skim milk were unavailable. I gave him a $10 bill; the total was going to be only $3.98…so the change should have been $6.02. So, we pulled up to the store and he hoped out…very excited to be “shopping on his own”. I waited for what seemed like forever, when he made his appearance. He had a receipt, the card and $1 in his hand. Yup. That’s it. I put my hands up in a “what?!?” motion…he ran back inside to get the milk he’d left on the counter. In his reverie of playing a joke on my about the money, he’d forgotten the milk. But I was still thankful: he did what I asked (eventually), he actually had the correct change, and no one tried to take him. Thankfulness all around.

10. Divine appointment…I am always talking to the boys about the opportunities God gives us to be His mouthpiece and speak on His behalf. I was thrilled this week when I had such an opportunity and the boys got to witness what I was talking about. We were at the grocery and as I was looking over the apples, there was another mom there, with four kiddos in tow. It was the middle of the day, so I assumed they were homeschoolers but didn’t say anything. Until she did: “Homeschoolers too?”

Me: Yes, we are.  (smile)

Her: It’s my first year. How long have you been homeschooling?

Me: This is our fourth year.

Her: Oh. We’ve been struggling a little bit. Trying to “unschool” them.

Me: I understand. The first year is rough, but I promise it gets better.

Her: It does? (relief) I hope so. Did you homeschool from the beginning?

Me: No, they were in public school at first.

Her: Which one?

I told her and then she told me where her kids had attended.

She then went on to tell me (not specifics, but enough to get a decent picture) about why they decided to homeschool.

Her: Are you in a co-op or anything?

I am….gave her the details on ours, and also told her about the one we attended last year.

Her: Oh, those sound great. I’m going to have to look those up. Thank you.

Me: Well, you’re welcome. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be praying for you.

Her: Oh. Ok…

Clearly that took her off-guard and that was ok with me. As we walked away, I knew I’d been obedient to what I was supposed to say to her. And then the 10yo asked me “Who WAS that?”

Me: I don’t know.

10yo: (laughter) No really, Mom…who was it?

Me: I don’t know.

10yo: So…you just had that whole conversation with her and you told her you’d pray for her and you don’t even know her?

Me: Nope. It was a divine appointment. I’ll probably never see her again.
So all this rambling and dialogue to say…I am thankful for the opportunity to encourage and pray for a total stranger. And to model for my children what it is. I am not perfect by any means, but I am working towards the goal.  “A huge cloud of witnesses is all around us. So let us throw off everything that stands in our way. Let us throw off any sin that holds on to us so tightly. Let us keep on running the race marked out for us.” Hebrews 12:1 

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  1. Dearie...if I ever make it to Indiana, I want my family to hang out with your family for a whole weekend. :)

    #10 is my favorite one.

    And I have been meaning to ask you this week about your back. I am so glad it is feeling better.

    1. Yeah...we'd love to hang out! too :) God is so good!

      Thanks, my dear...I am glad too! Phew!

  2. 2. Free is free.

    4. Awwwwesome!

    5. Yeah, done that. Only with the cats' water bowl.

    6. Now you can get a small one with a removable crock. I don't use those liners either, but my first thought was because they were expensive. Didn't even consider what might be leaching out of them.

    8. My stomach actually growled when I looked at the caramels on the link.

    1. I know...I am kind of looking forward to the new crockpot...the old one was a pain. But I was thankful for it. And of course when I got it, that was the ONLY option.

      Yes, the caramels are to DIE for. If you ever find yourself in Hagerstown, Indiana, you HAVE to stop at Abbott's. :)

  3. What a wonderful thing to teach your kids.......paying it forward is important, and you've a wonderful thankful list here!

  4. This is a great list! So much learning here. And very generous of you to give your oldest the voucher :) Glad he's learning the value of such things.

    I'm not sure what a 'crock' is, but look up the brand Le Cruset - they're French, Cast Iron, INDESTRUCTIBLE and will cook for you FOREVER. Beautifully. I (and I really don't mean 'we') got one as a wedding present and I LOVE IT! I remember we had one as a child, and it's still going strong nowdays.

    I like the last thing on your list. Very well done indeed.

  5. Ive never been a big caramel fan but I will check those out... at least the site. Funny kiddo with the change! He could have really played that up if he remembered the milk! Wow... I just have to say insurance has never worked to my advantage. So glad it did AND your back is better??? What a week.

  6. No, you're not the only one leery of using crock pot liners. :-)

  7. We have found a difference in big and small families. I've been sending kids into stores for years now. When you have a sleeping baby in the car, you send the two oldest kids in to get the milk, and give them a gift card to use so they can even go through the DIY aisle. It's one big bonus to having kids grow older.
    I am so glad your back is better AND that you solved the problem.
    The only time we have used crockpot liners is when the kitchen was getting renovated. It was worth a bit of poisoning then. :)
    I'm always impressed with the way you teach your boys to be good examples of God's love and encouragement.

    1. Yes, I can imagine you've been able to send in kiddos to the store for years. I haven't really had too much need to do it so I just haven't. But in an effort to make everyone more independent, I figured it was a favor I could do for myself and for him. So far so good!

      Please don't compliment me on it...I fail more often than I succeed. I am more likely to teach them what NOT to do than to do...but that's probably just parenthood, right? :)

  8. totally liked Number 5 (variation on 'when life gives you floor cleaning materials...clean the floor?'

    how cool are these lists when something like this experience (Number 5), one that I have had but would never have thought to have mentioned it...produces that feeling 'hey! I've done that'

    guess that a fringe benefit to these lists and all

  9. I love FREE. If it's free, I'm a happy camper. #5 cracked me up. the only time anything gets cleaned at my house is if something spills. Then we clean it. Sad state of affairs, huh? So I was relieved to see that happens at your house too. Overall, great list and I'm glad I found you on the Thankful Blog hop. If you have a story you'd like to share, I had a Share Your Story Sunday on my FB page at I'd love for you to participate. It doesn't have to be a new story, just one that will let my audience learn something about you and maybe follow. Hope you have a fantastic week, but with your positive attitude, I have no doubt you will.