Monday, September 23, 2013

Dear DILs: Presenting The Bleach Boys

Laundry is a work in progress. To begin with, “we” don’t always load the machine correctly…as in, we sometimes just throw our stuff in and pay no heed to what has gone where…which usually means it is loaded off-balance. So it does that really annoying “k-thunk, k-thunk, k-thunk” when it gets to the spin cycle.

Once things come out of the wash, we once again pay no heed, although this time it is to what goes where…some things are hung up to dry, some things are paid out on the drying rack, and some things are put in the dryer. Typically everything goes in the dryer…it is much faster and easier to do this and deal with the repercussion later.

It is not often I allow them to remove things from the dryer. I just can’t risk ruining the clothes I worked so hard at a) getting into the washer and b) not destroying during the wash cycle (sometimes things get caught on the center post…we’ve ripped and stretched more clothing than I care to recall; frankly it’s too painful.

So once things are out of the dryer, there is still some room for error, though I hope you know that I am doing the very best I can. Sometimes when my son is folding the laundry, he gets confused. Just this week, he put my dress in my husband’s stack of laundry. Yes, that brings up many questions, but just to be clear, NO Mr. Always Random does not wear my clothes. At least not to my knowledge.

I’m going to make the assumption that it is because the dress was (ok it still IS) a black and white plaid, and he may have simply assumed that it was a shirt like one of many that his father wears for work.

At the same time, however, he also gave me one of the blue, green and white plaid shirts belonging to my husband.

This kind of makes me rethink my own look, if my clothes are being confused for my husband’s…but that is another issue for another time.

Perhaps it is because he thinks of my husband as the one wearing more neutral or “dull” colors, while I am thought of as bright and cheerful (you’ll find that to be the case as well, I am certain…).

So…I can explain away the previous issues (kind of), but there is one thing I cannot explain away. This same child sometimes gets my husband's skivvies confused with my bras. I do not know how or why...but he does. I will continue to work on this, as well as the other issues, but I make no promises that the kinks will be worked out by your wedding day.

One last thing about laundry (for now): neither boy ever wants to put laundry away. So once the laundry is folded and sorted by owner (appropriately) and everyone has taken their respective stack of laundry to the respective rooms (well, Mr. Always Random and I share a room…not every married couple does but we do. Just in case anyone was wondering.), the PBA leave it in a stack (well, it starts out as a stack) on the floor in their closets and pull clothing from it as needed. 

I have had repeated conversations about this and here’s what I figured you ladies can do to rectify it: either you put the clothes away for them or get used to seeing the same clothes often. Or don’t do laundry very often so they have to mix up the rotation. 

Whatever you choose: I wish you good luck and Godspeed. 

Love,Your future MIL 

PS Did you notice that I did not specify which son is having such issues with clothing gender identification...there has to be some element of surprise, right?

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  1. ah...laundry... I started a post awhile back about the very topic (obviously, it is still sitting in my drafts). What happens at my house is that I do the laundry, THEY put their own clothes away. Otherwise, hands off! I got toooooo many rules! That said, they have been taught HOW to do it so in a pinch if they need a specific pr of pants or a shirt, they can do it themselves. I am the worst about checking pockets though---so if something goes through the wash and the dryer, I can only blame them for leaving it in there the first place. But, I have to take some of the blame as well on that one.

    1. Yes, laundry is the bane of my existance...and yes I kind of have a lot of rules too. My poor boys...

  2. Our future daughters-in-law are going to LOVE us for teaching our sons how to do these chores. The boys will get it right someday, and when that day comes, I will be raising my cane up high in celebration.

    1. I hope they love me...I'm praying that they will. And yes, I'll be high-fiving your cane, when we go to breakfast during the week, and do fun things during the day. And yes, I know you said you were looking forward to doing fun things with your husband during the week but hopefully friends will find their way into the mix every once in a while. ;)

    2. Absolutely. My husband and I will eventually run out of things to talk about. :)

  3. One day they will all get it right. I hope