Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ten Things of Thankful: Week 9 Day 2

Ten Things of Thankful

OK, so I don’t have an intro for this because, well, I am feel a little slackeresque. Don’t judge.

Away we go:

1. I am thankful for Lizzi…for late night FB messaging (well, it feels late to me, it IS late to her)…and most of all for her willingness to see the dream of this blog-hop through to fruition. It has helped me keep centered on what is truly good in my life and not focused on the frustrating/bad/etc…and I am THANKFUL for that. Let’s hear it for Lizzi! Hip, hip, horray!

2. I am thankful to have the soccer schedule finalized (well, as final as it can get)…other changes MAY arise but for the most part it is set. Now I can take the rest of my life off hold and actually plan other things this fall. (NOTE: At the time of this publication I do not have the schedule in my hot little hands...I still have to go to a meeting this afternoon which will probably bleed into tonight, for which I am most certainly NOT thankful, excepting that it means I will actually receive the schedule. Trying to be thankful here!)

3. I am thankful that there were actually a couple times this week I DID NOT have to remind the PBA to turn off the hall light (or, gasp!)…they didn’t turn it on when they went down the hall in broad daylight!. Sure, it seems inconsequential, but trust me: it is progress. Much as I love to yell out "Turn off the hall light!" it is sometimes nice to not have to.

4. I am thankful that my boys have friends who invite them over…not just casual acquaintances who claim to be friends, but those who actually make time for them. Now, it’s not “all the time” time because we are busy and they are busy. But it’s nice to have my kiddos feel loved by others who are their own age. And NOT by girls, because this mama is not ready for that kind of love in their lives.

5. I am thankful for my friend who brings me fresh produce from her garden, because she is not lazy like me and actually takes advantage of all that God has given us and produces her own food basically for free. Apparently I should have given her some of the “First Day of School” cake I made for the PBA but I didn’t get the message that we were trading until after the cake had been polished off. And it’s a real bummer for me that none of us like green beans because she’s going to be stocked full, in spite of her own crop going to pot while she was on vacation.

6. I am also thankful for that same friend who was so brazen to call me at 8 (or possibly after!) one evening, insist that I get dressed (she knew I’d be in my jammies…and she was absolutely correct), and come outside so her sweet boy could take advantage of the pavement in front of my house to ride his brand-spanking-new bike. Lest you not follow her blog (and shame on you if not because it is my absolute favorite…no offense to anyone else but it is. I'm honest if nothing else.) So…what part am I thankful for, you may be asking…the part where I was bossed out of my jammies? No, no. Was it the part where I got to see her sweet boy ride his new bike, even before his own family did (the two of them were on a date night so the rest of the family was elsewhere)? Well, I was thankful for that…he's just the cutest thing. And entertaining. He’s my favorite kiddo in their family. And don’t worry about telling the others…they already know. They themselves will tell you that he’s everyone’s favorite. The kiddo’s a charmer, I have to say.

7. OK, so if I am thankful for seeing Cuckoo ride his bike (and no, I am not calling him names…that is his blog name; you’ll have to check out her blog if you want to know why.) I am thankful that his mother did not include me looking my non-best while her child rode his bike in the foreground.

8. I am thankful that Mr. Always Random plays with our boys and makes time for them. Sometimes he has to be prodded (and so do I…I am truly not judging or criticizing) into it, but I know he’s always thankful for it. This week, he’s taken my 10yo fishing, helped him sand a shelf that the child is going to paint for his bedroom (this is the 10yo’s choice…he wants to paint this shelf to match his room), and he’s currently in the backyard throwing the football with the 10yo. Why not the 12yo? Well, the 12yo and I have been bonding in the car to and from soccer practice. Currently the 12yo is choosing to watch TV alone. Yes, we’re getting into that phase…and I am NOT thankful for that. So I let him have his time now and then but try not to let him be alone too much. I know there’s a fine line on that.

Wow…that almost got a little deep there…sorry about that. Someone shove me in the shallow water before I get too deep.

9. Speaking of…I am thankful for the ability to recall random song lyrics from childhood and early adulthood…it’s really quite impressive to my children. OK, not really…but I impress myself. I can usually remember the singer too. I can’t remember the name of the child I am talking to (and sometimes throw Indy’s name into the mix) but I can recall random lyrics at the drop of a hat. And now I can look them all up on Spotify and play the actual song for the PBA. They act so casual about it, but I know they are secretly impressed (not really).

10. I am thankful that I was able to come up with a second list of thankful for the week. AND that I was able to complete BOTH lists before Saturday. Not bragging…just thankful. And thankful for my thankful spirit.

Have a fabulous day!


  1. I would have been thankful for the lack of personal pride in going out in my pajamas so you have points up on me! I am so not above the front yard in PJS...Also did you include your friends blog address/link? God knows I could have missed it! Thanks for stopping and liking the hugfest!

  2. excellent 2nd Post this blog hop is kind of amazing...

  3. What on earth do you mean 'slackerish'? This is your SECOND list - lady, you ROCK :D

    I loved reading about your version of the late night bike ride. And still find it hilarious that there's an ongoing issue over the cake - like you aren't going to just make another one at some point! (at least, that's the way round I'd see it - perfect excuse)

    Favourite blogs are not only allowed, but encouraged. I have mine in tiers - I have a first fave, two seconds, three thirds...I may have overthought it.

    It's been great chatting with you over Facebook and I've really enjoyed wiling away the wee hours - it seems this is the downside of having so many friends in the US - they all get online when really I *should* go to bed, but hey, what's a few hours sleep?

    Have you ever tried making runner bean chutney? It's a far tastier way of using up a glut of beans. It goes great with ham, with cheese and on savoury scones (you might call them 'biscuit') Here's a link to a pretty good recipe, though were it me, I'd probably add an tablespoon of ground Allspice, a handful of sultanas and about two oranges worth of zested peel

  4. Lizzi truly is a gifted late-night Facebook IMer! Love it! The late-night bike ride is priceless and perfect and makes me smile, especially knowing who Cookoo is :)

  5. Anyone who posts a second post is not a slacker! Why have an intro, when you can just jump right in?

  6. That Lizzi, she is a smart lady. OF COURSE you should make another cake! :)

    I am so thankful that you didn't tell me to jump in a creek when I kindly asked you if you would be so kind as to join me in your cul-de-sac. It was such a fun evening.

    And your husband is a wonderful dad. I've always known it.

    Thank you for all the kind words...makes me get all teary...

    Lizzi, of course you overthought it. Isn't that what you keep telling me clarks do?

  7. True dat! I still sometimes (often) feel I should come with a disclaimer for soooo much overthinking though.

    Oh to have the lightness of being to just pronounce a favourite and not have the agony of ongoing mental dialogue about the repercussions of so doing!

  8. My mom says leaving a light on during the day is "burning a hole in daylight."

    You grew green beans and no one likes them?

    That Cuckoo is so stinkin' cute, I can hardly stand it.